Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was born on April 3, 1998.She is the middle child and only daughter of singer Michael Jackson and younger child of Debbie Rowe. She was the product of the couple’s short-lived marriage before getting a divorce lawyer after just three years of being together. Paris has had some challenges with her mental health a few years after her father’s death in 2009. At 15, She was then sent to a therapeutic school, which she originally credited with helping her overcome depression.

Still being hailed as one of the greatest figures of all time, the King of Pop certainly paved way for his daughter to have some time in the limelight as well. In March 2017, Jackson signed a modeling contract with IMG Models. Also in March, Jackson made her acting debut with a guest starring role on FOX’s Star.Jackson also signed a deal with Republic Records. A suicide survivor, Paris is now making a name for herself as a model and an actress.


20-year old Homer James Jigme is the son of actor Richard Gere and Carey Lowell. Homer started hogging the limelight quite early as both his parents were an established name in the field of entertainment. While his father’s popularity had reached far and wide at the time of his birth, his mother was well-known for her modeling and acting career.

Being such a handsome boy, being a movie star like his father has always been an option for this teenager. Though he likes to maintain a low profile, Homer has made several public appearances alongside his famous father.A wonderful father-son relationship is very apparent between Homer and dad Richard as they are always spotted together and even having fun family time at the beach.As Homer is still looking to pursue a degree, his career plans aren’t exactly definite just yet. He still has a long way to go, but the future looks very bright and promising for this young celebrity royalty.


An artist herself, Bria Murphy is the first daughter of Hollywood actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.She was born on November 18, 1989 in California. Being one of nine kids, Bria has been exposed to her father’s stardom at such a young age. Bria followed in the strides of her mom and furthermore wandered into the universe of displaying. She has been a piece of a couple of displaying ventures, however, Bria Murphy none of them have been excessively unmistakable. Bria sustains an unmistakable fascination for workmanship. She started her vocation as a craftsman before wandering into displaying and acting.

As fortune is almost always present next to a celebrity’s fame, home loans and thrifting most probably weren’t a thing in the Murphy household. Following in her father’s hard work, Bria became independent in money management when she started making a name in Hollywood as well. Looking pretty favorable, the future is sure to welcome the next Murphy in show business with open arms.


Born Nov 12,1999, She was 20 in 2020. Her parents Lauryn and Miami Hurricanes linebacker Rohan Marley have certainly formed one of the most popular clans in the music industry. Looking to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Selah took it slow and exposed herself to learning different fields. She followed a career in modeling, fashion and music after getting her college degree. She is also a soulful R&B singer and sounded a lot like her mother.

Now an adult, the ever-growing and glowing Selah is an independent young woman who is successful in both modeling and singing.Though She’s currently dabbling with the idea of what she really wants to do professionally, alternating between the two tentpoles of careers, her “never stop learning” attitude will definitely get her far in the game.Over Instagram, she described herself as“singer, storyteller, feeler, lover, fighter, artist”, earning over 160,000 fans on her account.Her estimated net worth is $1 million in 2019.


Meadow is the only daughter of the “Fast and Furious” star, Paul Walker. She was born on Nov 4,1998. Her mother Rebecca raised her for the first 13 years of her life before with alcohol abuse that forced her to give Meadow up to her father. Then She moved to live with her late father. When Paul Walker died at the age of 40 in a car accident, Meadow took it hard. Following his death, model and philanthropist Meadow took it on her shoulders to continue Paul’s legacy.

Being a humanitarian himself, Paul was passionate about helping. Striving to be just like her father, Meadow has been doing a social service as she started a charity organization named ‘Paul Walker Foundation’ in 2015. Her father’s role in her life made a huge impact on who she is as a person, and it is no doubt that his good influence on her will make her use her stardom for noble causes.


Jane Carrey was born on September 6, 1987 in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of the most famous comedy actor in the world, Jim Carrey. Growing up in an entertainer’s home, Jane was no stranger to film and TV productions. She looks like her father, but she did not take up acting as a profession. Instead, she embraced music. With father’s full support, she formed a band called the Jane Carrey Band.

However, Jane thought that being the daughter of a celebrity as famous as her father was both a blessing and a curse. There was a constant pressure to excel, but if she succeeded in anything, people would say that her success was due to her father. A loving daughter, Jane said that her father was always beside her through every stage in her life. From raising her own son to have to work with a divorce lawyer, the celebrity dad was always a shoulder to lean on.


Matilda’s birthday is October 28, 2005. Her father, Heath Ledger’s untimely death really took a toll on her as he was always one of her inspirations in life. The unfortunate tragedy caused great sadness to fans all over the world but at a young age, Matilda had to face the devastating loss of a father.Actress Michelle, Matilda’s mother dated Heath between 2004 and 2007. They broke up when Matilda was two years old. Then Michelle kept Matilda’s life private, and in the years since, the young girl has rarely appeared in the news.

Being away from her father’s spotlight was an investment that they made that caused a different but wholesome and encouraging environment around Matilda. Evidently, it has made her into the lovely person that she is today.Now Matilda definitely has the shape of her father’s face, complete with his chiselled jawline. Though Heath is gone, his daughter is sure to continue his legacy.


One of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s three famous adoptive kids is Zahara. She was born in 2005 and her birthday is January 8th. Zahara is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s eldest daughter and their second adoptive child. She was born in the city of Awasa in Ethiopia as Yemsrach.

Having three other biological children with them in the same house, adoption wasn’t an issue for the family. Angelina had said that she didn’t want Zahara’s name and private life to be meddled with by the public, but, to some degree, her fame and that of Brad’s really got in the way of this. Later in her life, Zahara’s biological mother stepped up and connected with the child and this quickly became something of public interest. Not swayed by all the publicity, Zahara kept matters to herself and her family, still living her best life.


Unfazed by the spotlight, Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s eldest biological daughter Shiloh has been publicized ever since she was in the womb. Always in the attention of the media, the couple even moved out of the country for a while to live a life away from the paparazzi. The couple’s decision to lay low credits the media who heavily broadcasted Angelina’s pregnancy.

Currently, Shiloh is the center of attention because she dresses like a boy, to which Angelina supports. Since Shiloh was 3, she thinks she’s one of her brothers and likes to be called John. The celebrity mom says that it didn’t bother her because she allows her child to be whoever she wants to be. Now Shiloh, 14 this year, has become an LGBTQ+ icon to young kids around the world.


African American Amaya Josephine is the adopted child of one of Hollywood’s most notable beauties, Mariska Hargitay. After her career in pageantry, Mariska appeared in several TV shows and movies that featured her princess-like face, and made her one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars. Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann have created a successful 15-year marriage. Besides, they believe their adoption of their two children was one that really strengthened their unconditional bond.

At 40, she and her husband decided to adopt. This choice credits her health issues that made pregnancy a difficult time for her. Wanting a multi-racial family, she adopted Amaya Josephine and a boy, Andrew. Amaya is originally from the United States. Before she was born, the couple was considering both international and domestic adoption. Now seven, Amaya continues to bring joy to Mariska and the rest of the clan while growing up in a wonderful life with her family.


Born to controversial rapper Eminem, Hailie Jade said her childhood was pretty normal even though her parents were highly publicized. Despite this, she praises her parents for supporting her in the career that she chooses. Eminem told the public that he always made an effort to make time for his daughter because it was his duty as a father. Having so much love for his daughter, he often writes about her in his songs and talks about how she made him want to keep on living.

Hailie is currently pursuing her college degree in Michigan State. She hasn’t followed in her father’s musical footsteps. Rather, she has become an Instagram influencer. Now her account has 1.6 million followers, and her photos of outfits, meals out, and Starbucks coffees receive about 100,000 likes on average. She also posts selfies with beauty tips like “use lip gloss on the cheeks instead of blush for a more glowy look.”


Popular Paper Roses and Meet Me in Montana singer Marie Osmond comes from the very popular Osmond clan in the 1970s. Marie and Steve broken up in 1985 and got married with Brian Blosil in 1986. Marie herself had a daughter in the person of Jessica Marie. Jessica is her eldest daughter. Finishing a degree in the police academy, Jessica has sported a bob cut for a while which quickly caught the attention of the public.

Jessica has worked as a Provo City Police officer in Provo, Utah. She helps people get off drugs and do all thouse things, which makes Marie always proud for her. Having a strong personality, Jessica became the talk of the town. Her mother Marie, however, told the public that her daughter is a strong woman and that she should have a great life that she deserved. In 2019, Jessica and her longtiome girlfriend made their love official.


Born to a musical family, Maggie McGraw’s bloodline did not exempt her from musical talent. Born to her singer parents Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Maggie had a private and relatively normal early life. Because she had a passion for the deep blue ocean, according to her mother, she pursued a degree in Marine Biology. Now she has finished her undergrad degree at Stanford University and is headed back to Stanford to work on her master degree in sustainability science.

She attended college while giving her singing career a try. Consequently, when she didn’t sing as much anymore, her supportive parents advised her to follow her heart. To the public, she is known for her distinct style and fashion sense and her fans still wait for her to make more songs. McGraw and Hill always make it priority to raise their daughters the best way they can and are doing a great job.


Suri Cruise has been very public ever since she was a little girl, and has captured the hearts of many because of how adorable she was when she was young. Being the daughter of hot celebrities Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri has easily become one of the most famous celebrity kids in Hollywood. Suri has a strong bond with mom since Katie divorced Tom Cruise in 2012.

She was born on 18 April 2006 in Santa Monica.Now that she’s thirteen, her beauty has bloomed even more to the degree of being called Tom Cruise’s female version. Suri’s fashion sense and interest in the industry have been apparent since she was young and now as a tween, she dresses in designer clothes – no less still a fashion icon. Suri is reported to have a wardrobe worth US$3.2 million filled with designer clothes.


The E.T. star Drew Barrymore earned her fame and reputation starring in countless productions, including the prominent Steven Spielberg movie. At the height of her stardom though, Drew had to go to rehab. After this dark time in her life, she started anew and overcame her struggles. This self-care investment sure was worth it because now she is a mom to five-year-old Olive.

Drew gave birth to Olive during her marriage with Will Kopelman. They try to keep Olive and another kid Frankie positive after their divorce. Drew believe that love and community and honesty is what’s making everything feel safe for kids. Getting her inspiration from her actress mother, little Olive often shows off trendy hairstyles and stylish fashion choices. Still successful in her acting career, Drew says she enjoys spending time with Olive so much more.


Jadan now is an actor, rapper, singer. Enjoying a more than comfortable lifestyle day to day, Jaden Smith has a lot to thank his father movie star Will Smith for. Not only did this rising star receive Will’s talent, personality and style, but he also probably got a pretty sweet credit card deal to splurge from. Jadan makes headlines for his dress that he often shows up in women’s clothing, cementing himself as a genderqueer fashion icon despite internet backlashes. In fact, he has become a worldwide LGBTQ+ icon.

Making a name in the spotlight and making money himself was not a difficult task for Jaden as his bloodline paved the way for him quite easily but Will never stopped being there for his son, flaunting not only talent, good looks, and social influence but also good parenting skills as well. At the same time, Jaden insists on setting his own path.


Al Roker’s degree of versatility is not lost on the public. Being not only a TV anchor of NBC Nightly News, but also an actor, composer, and a forecaster, it’s safe to say that Al is the jack of all trades. Most importantly, however, Al’s other preoccupation is also being a dad.

His daughter with Alice Bell is Courtney, who is full of pride for her father. Courtney was born in 1987 and is 33 this year. Considering his close relationship with Courtney, it’s hard for AI to decide to have children with Deborah, his second wife, because he wasn’t sure if this would make Courtney feel hurt. Having such a diligent father, Courtney definitely gets inspired by her father’s talent, skill, and perseverance. Courtney made headlines when Al announced her engagement in April 2020. She reported that she felt secure and complete with regard to her family.


The camera captor little Gia Lopez is the daughter of actor and broadcaster Mario Lopez and Broadway star Courtney Mazza. She was born in 2010 and is 10 now. The pretty little girl has not been shy of the camera ever since she was born. Due to her parents’ fame, publicity has always been part of her daily routine. She made her television debut when she signed on to be a part of the voice cast of Disney Channel’s Elena of Avalor.

Mario, now being called the “Coach Dad” for being a cheerleader for his daughter, says that Gia is a tough little one and is headstrong though she’s young. Talent and projection is not the only investment the proud parents taught the sweetheart, but also a good relationship through lots of love and support and of course building her strength for the life of a celebrity.


Daughter of big-time celebrities Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose Depp was not a stranger to the limelight. She was born 27 May, 1999 in Paris. Being raised in a creative household, Lily Rose’s growth and progress of talents and looks came in quite naturally. Choosing not to get a college degree was also not a surprise to both her parents and the followers of the celebrity family.

The darling instead pursued her dream career in modeling and fashion and her A-list parents couldn’t be more proud. Also, she is striving to become an outstanding actress and has won Best Actress award at the 4th Los Angeles Film Awards for her performance in “My Last Lullaby”. Now successful in the style scene, Lily continues to wow everyone with her career moves just like her parents.


Former basketball player Magic Johnson and wife Cookie tried as much as they could to keep their kids’ lives private but one kid shone through the media. Earvin Johnson III was born in 1992 and is the second kid of the family. Earvin attracted so much attention from the media when he came out as gay. He credits his parents, however, for being more than supportive of his preferences and not seeing this as a problem.

He is now known for his fashionable taste and for being a reality TV personality. His fashion style is ostentatiously androgynous, seizing his place in the gender revolution. At 25, Earvin dreams of having his own talk show where he could not only pursue a career that he enjoys but also inspire the young members of the LGBT community. Now his Instagram account has more than 630.000 followers.


Alexandria Zahra, or Lexi, is the youngest daughter of big names David Bowie and Iman. As most celebrity parents do, Lexi’s parents also wanted a private life for her to grow up in. Iman previously revealed how she did not want Lexi to follow her into modelling or becoming a superstar child of a famous couple, like many of her peers. But cameras were still present every now and then due to her parents’ fame and progressing careers.

Open to opportunities in Hollywood, Lexi’s natural beauty is surely a big edge for her aside from her bloodline. Currently 19 years old, Lexi is pursuing her career as a visual artist, as she handles an Instagram account where she puts up her mixed media artworks for sale. Now becoming an adult, it looks like she’s looking to give in to a little money management herself.


Another one of the famous Jolie-Pitt children is Vivienne who is the youngest biological daughter of Brad and Angelina. She was born in 2008 and is 12 this year. From the romance of the couple to the private lives of all six of their kids, the lives of this celebrity family have been highly publicized.

Not exactly living a normal life, Vivienne and her siblings have learned to cope to a certain degree to adhere to Hollywood life, even when their parents separated a few years back. Having her mother’s fashion sense and her father’s acting skills, it was no surprise when she started participating in the movie industry. Vivienne appeared as young Princess Aurora on screen when she was 5 in Maleficent. Vivienne has a black belt in karate and can hold her own against the boys. She has said she wants to be a humanitarian and philanthropist.


One of the actors with Hollywood’s highest paying rates is the famous award-winning movie star Denzel Washington. His son, the equally talented John David, just had to follow in his father’s footsteps. He started acting for film when he was only 9 years old. Too young, John later admitted that acting wasn’t really the career he wanted to pursue. He was interested in football and persevered in this field. As he grew older, however, he decided to give acting another shot.

In 2020, he plays the leading role in the movie “Talent”, which shot by director Christopher Nolan, making him a worldwide star. Nolan considered him just one of the greatest collaborators he had worked with. Receiving lots of support and encouragement from his father, John’s success was, to a huge degree, inevitable.


Rumer is an American actress and singer. She is the eldest daughter of actress Demi Moore and actor Bruce Willis. With a whopping net worth of $180-million, Die Hard star Bruce Willis is far from bankruptcy. Hence, it is evident that his daughter Rumer would be living a lavish and luxurious life.

In 1995, Willis made her film debut alongside her mother in Now and Then. Also living the life of the rich and famous, Rumer herself became a popular icon and personality as she appeared in TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, Willis’ The Whole Nine Yards, and Moor’s Striptease. She is still active in the film industry now. Having not only the financial support but also the constant encouragement, love, and reassurance from her parents, Rumer definitely has what it takes to go far in the career that she chooses.


Jake was born in California, 1981. Ever since the dawn of the acting industry, the Hoffman clan was present and thriving. Dustin Hoffman’s works are very popular and influential so it was not a surprise that his son Jake followed his career choice as well. In 2003, he graduated from NYU Film School. Since then, he has directed music videos, and written and directed short films, and is most known for his work as an actor.

Being a very good actor himself, Jake credits his father for not only being a mentor but also being a constant shoulder to lean on as he grew up into his own person and eventually pursued a career. Living up to the Hoffman legacy, Jake is currently an actor, director, and writer. Among his works are The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman, and Otherhood.


Supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal have a beautiful and stylish daughter named Lou Solola. Lou was born in Nov 9,2009. At an early age, it has been reported that Lou has, to her credit, already shown a great sense of style and huge potential to be in the modeling industry just like her mom when she grows up. She used to sneak into her mother’s wardrobe and wear her clothes. She loved walking in heels!

The couple’s marriage ended in 2012. Despite not living with her parents right now, a great bond is still apparent between them and Lou. At the rate it’s going, the public seems to think that Lou will step into her mother’s shoes – or heels – in the future, and make her interest in fashion a long, productive career.


The Jackson Five was very popular at a young age and their lives have been nothing but private since they were all kids. At 50 years old, music icon Janet Jackson told everyone she was having her first child with Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. Among the many popular and talked about but failed relationships, Janet’s relationship with Wissam was the most enthralling to the public.

As they were working with an annulment attorney while Janet’s pregnancy was ongoing, this media attention was not questionable. When the little baby boy Eissa came, Janet claimed that he was the greatest treasure she had ever had. On Mother’s Day, Jackson spent it with her 1-year-old son in park, having a good time. It was glaringly obvious that nothing can effect this mom’s love to little Eissa.


Sharing a stomach, spine, heart, and spinal cord, conjoined twins Abby and Brittany gained much public attention. Each twin controls one arm and one leg. As infants, learning to crawl, walk, and clap required cooperation. They can eat and write separately and simultaneously. Activities such as running, swimming, hair brushing and driving a car require coordinated action. Being featured on Oprah, the twins were noticed because aside from both being healthy, they have also learned to have an impressive degree of body coordination.

After this guesting, they had their own reality show called Abby and Brittany. The show featured how there were so many health issues concerning their mother Patty’s pregnancy, and how these were all overcome. They talked about growing up and their interest in fashion, and how they can even drive! Through all the popularity, although grateful, the twins decided to lead a quieter life away from the limelight thereafter.


Daughter of NBC news journalist Brian Williams, Allison Howell Williams, born April 13, 1988, is an American actress, comedian, and singer. Allison was always exposed to the mass media industry. Her father expressed how he persevered in his career for his daughter and family because he always wanted to give them the best he could. Being a catch herself, the talented and clever Allison took an interest in law while growing up.

As such, she went to college to take up a law degree but soon found that her love for acting was more promising and she decided to take a step into the limelight instead while sporting a distinct trendy haircut no less. She first received recognition for starring as Marnie Michaels in the HBO comedy-drama series Girls, for which she was nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award. She will next star in the upcoming Swedish thriller film Horizon Line, set for release in 2020.


The household name Eddie Murphy is surely familiar to all moviegoers. This actor, although very successful with his acting career, did not receive the same luck in the love department. Although he has a lot of kids, Eddie has a long list of relationships that did not end well and always had lawyers around to settle disputes within the family.

One of which was with his first wife Nicole with whom he had his son Myles. The mother of Murphy’s oldest son, Eric, 26, has never been photographed and little is known about her, although she was connected to Murphy in 1989, arguably at the height of his stardom. Eddie Murphy and Nicole’s divorce was finalized in April 2006. Just last year, Myles, now all grown up, was recently featured in an Instagram post showing his new little family with girlfriend Carly and daughter Evie.


The WWE star turned one of Hollywood’s most successful actors with the highest paying rates Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is dad to the beautiful Simone Johnson. Pursuing her dreams would not be so hard as her dad’s big-time investments and impressive net worth would cover whatever she wants to do in life. Having such good looks, Simone is naturally an attraction to many, and her dad, of course, stands idly by guarding his daughter.

Surprising many spectators, Simone recently decided to follow her father’s footsteps not in acting but in signing a contract with WWE and her father couldn’t be more proud. The 18-year-old is on a path to become the first fourth-generation Superstar in WWE history, coming from a line of legends that includes her great-grandfather and grandfather, WWE Hall of Famers “High Chief” Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson, and her father.


Ben Stiller, son of comedian Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, has been one of the biggest names in the movies. Coming from a celebrity lineage, Ben has been flaunting his acting skills in different genres all through the years. Inheriting a lot from his father, he not only dabbled in the field of comedy but also screenwriting and directing. Throughout his career he has written, starred in, directed, or produced more than 50 films.

His films have grossed more than $2.6 billion in Canada and the United States, with an average of $79 million per film. One interesting thing you might want to know about the famous actor is that costuming doesn’t really come as important to him because, to his credit, he feels that the acting is more essential than the clothes you wear when portraying a character. That’s a pro tip!


Iconic singer Diana Ross passed down her singing talent to none other than her own daughter Tracee. Tracee is an American actress, singer, television host and producer, known for her role in the television series Girlfriends and Black-ish. She has earned her three NAACP Image Awards and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress-Television Series Musical or Comedy. She has also received nominations for two Critics’ Choice Television Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Getting a lot of weight from the criticism from people around her, Tracee persevered and held her ground. She did not give up on her dreams and continued on her investments in training in her chosen field of acting and modeling. Through her journey of enhancing her skills, the music that is embedded in her blood caught up with her and her fans still await her return to the stage and make more music soon, just like the legacy her mom left her.


Reversal of Future star Jeremy Irons earned recognition for his portrayal of said movie, among other notable projects and roles. Though an Academy winner, Jeremy wasn’t so outwardly lucky and had to hire a divorce attorney because of marital problems with his first wife. His second wife, Sinead Cusack, however, was in a better relationship and they had a son named Max.

Continuing to supersede the expectations of his parents, Max shows signs of joining his parents’ height in the spotlight soon. Max is presently a model and an actor – all makings of a rising star. He was named one of GQ’s 50 best-dressed British men in 2015 and known for his roles in Red Riding Hood. In 2019, he married Sophie Pera, fashion director for Tatler. It’s undoubted that Max contribute to the Irons legacy.


Looking a lot like his grandfather Hank Williams, Hank Williams III stood out from the rest of his parents who looked like his parents. He is an American musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist,Choosing the music industry as his field, the young Hank was a part of different bands that made songs in the rock genre, just like his father. Known for his alternating musical style, between country, punk rock, and heavy metal, he is the principal member of the punk metal band Assjack.

Having the best childhood people could dream of, a student loan for a college degree probably was not in his options. The rock star is now making a name for himself, following in the footsteps of his elders. Making more music is not only his passion but also his contribution to their heritage. He has been pushing an online petition drive to have his grandfather reinstated as a Grand Ole Opry members and it has since collected more than 65,000 signatures.


Legendary singer Bette Midler and her husband Martin Von Haselberg are the parents of the beauty that is Sophie Von Haselberg. She, born on November 14, 1986, is an American actress. Bette was known for being featured in The Rose and for having the distinct voice that wows anyone who hears it. Having the looks, talent, and smarts of her mother alike, Sophie took a degree at Yale University to finish her studies. After college, she took a normal job and tried to lead the normal life but soon found herself venturing into the theater and film industries.

Her lineage and her inheritances – both monetary and personality-wise – will definitely give her an edge to succeed in these fields. In 2015, von Haselberg had a role in the Woody Allen film Irrational Man. This year von Haselberg married Harry J. N. Guinness in Millbrook, New York at the home of her parents.


The legendary Mick Jagger and ex-wife actress and model Jerry Hall’s third child is the just as fabulous Georgia May. She was born on 12 January 1992. Mick and Jerry’s relationship has been widely followed by the press and has been the center of controversy and gossip the entire time it was happening up until they had settled with an annulment attorney after having four children together. Of course, their daughter Georgia was not a stranger to paparazzi and the constant flashing of cameras.

Growing up, it has been reported that she has been inclined to be interested in the modeling field just like her mom. Now, she is an English fashion model and designer. With busy model schedule, she still tries to take time for her hobbies. She is keen on travelling, sports, music, modern literature and often holds fan meetings.


Son of Bob and Rita Marley, Ziggy is definitely a reminder of his father’s influence and music. He was born on 17 October 1968. Bob Marley’s famous and widely respected words talked about social issues like justice, freedom, and parity. His music did not only become top hits but also movements that conveyed very important messages. Just like his father, Ziggy also made it into the music scene.

For sure, his father is very proud of him even though he has already passed on. Ziggy led the family band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, with whom he released eight studio albums. He has also released seven solo albums. Bob left his kids not only good fortune, home security, and a good name, but also a legacy to fulfill and advocacies to fight for.


Inspiring other people through religion was the work of televangelist and pastor Joel Osteen that made him famous, but he had another job right around the corner also and it was being a dad. Big personality Joel and his wife Victoria were blessed with a daughter that they named Alexandra. Born in 1999, Alexandra is now 21 and starting to make a name for herself just like her father.

Alexandra was first known after she began singing in Lakewood’s televised services. Along with her brother Jonathan, she is a part of LYA, a band from Lakewood Church. She has developed a social following through her performances, with over 50,000 followers on Instagram. Her singing and social media presence has not only become a platform for her but has also helped in achieving her home security as her home was reported to be worth $10 million.


19-year-old Rene Charles Angelil is the son of the world-famous diva Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil. Rene, who was also Celine’s manager, passed away but not before building both their careers, building a life, and having three kids together with the songstress. Their first of three sons, Rene Charles has started following the footsteps of his mother and join in the music industry.

René-Charles has been busy posting plenty of pictures on his own Instagram just like any other high schooler. He is good at hockey and golf and is just a hockey fan. For sure, his mother is very supportive of the steps that he is taking in his career. This family must really have been built with good money management, business-mindedness, and talent because Celine’s net worth alone is already estimated at $800 million.


Robert James Ritchie or more popularly known as singer and songwriter “Kid Rock” is the proud father of Robert James Ritchie, Jr. The young Robert James is currently a rising star, having just released his first debut album, following in the music led career path taken by his very talented father. He and his father are both musical but have different styles, and there does not appear to be any competition between them.

His supportive dad expressed his delight while sharing to the world his son’s career milestone in a recent post on social media. Having not only passed down his talents but also his wealth to his son, the Ritchies sure have don’t have to worry about bankruptcy any time soon. In Robert’s early twenties, he welcomed a daughter. The information about him is not much and he keeps focusing on his family.


The Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel is a very popular icon in the film industry. Appearing in many movies other than The Fast and The Furious franchise, he has become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. Having a net worth of $200 million, he has achieved home security among other financial goals that led him to start building his family with life partner model Paloma Jimenez.

Hania was born on April 2, 2008. The 11-year-old Hana Riley is the eldest of their three beautiful kids and is already grabbing the attention of the media, most especially the millions of Vin Diesel fans. She has been training with the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion in judo that her father considers it effective to defend herself in any situation. Hania herself started to involve herself with her father’s career that she will appear in “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers”.


Comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s love life has enticed the public’s interest time and again. Being married twice, she was no stranger to annulment lawyers who arranged things for her and her family through the changes it brought. She and ex-partner Kelli Carpenter had four kids together, and one of them was the gorgeous Chelsea Belle.

Now 23, Chelsea and Rosie haven’t been meeting eye to eye a lot as she grew up and she has confessed to having left home a few times. In her 21, she has welcomed her first child, daughter Skylar Rose, with boyfriend Jacob Bourassa. Now a mom herself to little Skylar Rose, her relationship with Rose has reportedly been so much better since her pregnancy. Rosie considers that they have better communication because they went through some really public troubled times.


The bubbly, fashionable and natural model that is Maxwell Drew Johnson is the daughter of pop star Jessica Simpson and professional football player Eric Johnson. Maxwell is the first child for Simpson, 31, and Johnson, 32, who had a whirlwind romance. The singer and the former NFL player started dating on May 2010. The little girl snatched the hearts of many because of her adorable personality and stunning semblance to her mom.

Inheriting the blonde hair and the natural pout of the singer, it isn’t a surprise to many that she got Jessica’s moves and style as well. Maxwell did not only take after her mom’s talents and looks but she also has the hefty insurance of her parents with Jessica’s net worth alone to be at least $150 million. In 2013, Simpson gave birth to her second child, a boy named Ace Knute Johnson.


Son of the infamous Pablo Escobar, Sebastián Marroquín was reported to have lived far from his father to pursue a college degree in architecture. Sebastián has gotten public interest when he started talking against his drug dealer father’s actions. He tried his best to show to the world that he was his own person who had very different ideas from that of his dad’s. He has tried to distance himself from his father’s legacy.

Building a reputation as an author, he wrote and published a book called Sins of My Father and wrote about his deep regret and sadness about the things Pablo had done and expressed his apologies to his victims. Now he is focused on ensuring the next generation, including his own three-year-old son, Juan Emilio, does not repeat his father’s mistakes.


Big-name Duncan Jones is the son of the renowned musician David Bowie and Angie Barnett, his first wife. Making a name for himself, Duncan has been soaring high in his career as a director and screenwriter, having created films like Mute and Source Code. For his movie Moon, he won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

Jones married photographer Rodene Ronquillo on 6 November 2012 and gave birth to their first kid in 2016. In 2018, their daughter was born. Surely making his popular parents proud, he himself already has a reported net worth of $20 million. Bankruptcy is far from happening for Duncan and his wife since 2012 Rodene Ronquillo. Duncan also has two kids of his own already; no doubt the potentials who are next in line to continue their family’s artistic legacy.


The timeless icon Barbara Streisand and ex-husband Elliot Gould’s son is the very talented Jason Gould. He was born in 1966 in New York City. Having his mom’s appearance and skills, it was no surprise that he made it well into both the film and the music industry. In recent years Gould has started singing and has performed with his mother on her tour stage.

His multi-awarded mother has not given him just the award-winning acting skills and glorious talent to make music, but also the financial boost throughout his life. The money management aspect has been well taken care of ever since Jason was a boy and now that he’s off pursuing his career on his own, it surely won’t get in the way of succeeding in his art as well.


A beautiful marriage between singer Celine Dion and her manager/ husband Rеné Angélil gave them three wonderful children. Before the blessings that were the three angels, however, there were some pregnancy problems that occurred that made it hard for the couple to have children for a while. Because of this, they opted to make investments in undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization, and this led them to have their firstborn Rene-Charles and the twins Eddie and Nelson nine years later.

The name “Eddy” comes from Eddy Marnay, who produced Celine’s first five records. Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela, whom Celine met during her world tour in South Africa. She hopes that these name can inspire her kids. The twins are currently in school and are the stars of Celine’s life, along with their older brother, especially after their father’s passing.


If you’re an avid fan of wrestling, then for sure, you wouldn’t be a stranger to Andre Roussimoff or more popularly known as “Andre the Giant,” who became famous for his rivalry with Hulk Hogan back in the eighties. Winning both of WWF’s World Heavyweight Championship and the Tag Team Championship, he really made his mark during his career before passing away at the age of 46 because of heart failure.

Leaving all his wealth and investments to his only daughter Robin, Andre has secured her financial future. Robin was born in 1979 in France. She had not a good relationship with her father and met him only five times. However, it’s obviously that she looks like his father. Robin is now living a private life very different from her father’s.


Having a dad with an estimated net worth of $30.6 billion, Valentina Paloma Pinault is a child with multiple investment money plans placed under her name. Daughter of billionaire Francois Henri Pinault and actress Salma Hayek, the eleven-year-old Valentina is easily one of the world’s richest children. She could have everything she could ever dream of and just as said, the curious media is always wondering what the little girl, along with her high profile parents are up to.

Followed by the public, the pretty young socialite continues to be a matter of public interest day in and day out. The young girl is full of tale that she likes drawing and dreams to be a director to take movies. Her mom considered her work so stunning that she wanted to publish them, which was stopped by the girl. Hardworking and determined, Valentina will makes her way by herself.


From the widely followed eight-year relationship of actors Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen came their beautiful daughter Lily Mo Sheen. Following Kate split from her husband Len, Kate celebrated Christmas with Lily and Michael in the family home he shares with comedian Sarah Silverman, who he has been dating for the past three years.

Now that she’s all grown up, Lily inherited her mother’s attractive face and it didn’t go unnoticed. When her parents – who weren’t married ever since – got separated, her childhood had to face some troublesome stress but nevertheless it did not entirely ruin it for her. Presently, she is a student in a university who is working to earn her college degree. While studying, just like her parents, Lily is also an aspiring actor and is soon to follow her parents’ work in the limelight.


Actors and couple Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling were blessed with a second baby in 2008 in the person of Stella Doreen McDermott Named after the Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations novel character Estella Havisham, Stella was a princess to her family. When she turned 9 years old, a grand unicorn themed party was thrown for her by her parents. Although it was covered by the media, a meticulous security system was probably put in place by the couple as there were no reports of party crashers.

Spelling and McDermott have five children together total. Recently, the mom said that Stella and son Liam 13 have both dealt with bullying at multiple schools, suffering from the mental and physical effects of the hurtful comments. Stella’s childhood and private life are kept from the press by her parents, though, wishing their daughter a more normal life.


Adopted from a Bangladeshi orphanage, Bridget joined the family of US Senator John McCain in 1991. Bridget originally had a cleft palate when she was very young and the senator had not only helped her get surgery to fix the defect, but also let her into his home and raised her as his own.
The health insurance and the last name were not the only things that Bridget got from her adoptive father.

She was also welcomed dearly by the rest of the family members and she even took part in her dad’s presidential campaigns, being the supportive daughter that she is. Bridget enrolled at Arizona State University in 2010 and had an interest in special education, a subject her mother taught. Her sister TV host Meghan McCainconsidered Bridget’s stand was “very brave. She’s very young and she does not speak publicly.”


The third Son of Kimberly Conrad and the Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner, Marston Hefner spent his childhood living in the Playboy Mansion for eight years with his dad. Hugh Hefner has four children together total. From 1989 to 2010, Hefner was married to Kimberley Conrad, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 1988 and Playboy of the Year in 1989. Marston was born in 1990.

At 28, Marston made headlines because an issue came out that he had attacked model Claire Sinclair, his lover at the time. Because of this case, attorneys had to be hired as the court sentenced him to attend a program on domestic violence for a year thereafter. After four years, Marston was able to overcome the dark stage in his life and pursue a career as an author. The first book that he published was entitled Bleed.


Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3, Diezel Ky Braxton – Lewis was not taken aback by his condition. The 17-year-old boy is the second son of singers Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis. He has a brother named Denim, 19. To some degree, he inherited his style and taste in fashion from his mother, and is also very talented as he is currently pursuing both modeling and acting.

Also an aspiring producer, Diezel has overcome his diagnosis when he was thirteen, and is now well on his way to make a name for himself as well. He won the best young actor award for the movie Ant. See His mom’s Instagram, it’s obviously that she could not be prounder of him. Talented and good-looking like his parents, there sure is a bright future for this fashionable young man.


Daughter of actor and former NFL football star Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson, Sydney was surprisingly shy from the camera while growing up. Her father had to go to court for a notorious case of a murder, and this was enough reason for her and her siblings to live far away from him for home security reasons. But Sydney’s relationship with her father seemed to be normal, with little to no estrangement between either of them and his children.

Sydney was born on the 17th of October, 1985. When her mother dead, She was only nine years old. Now an adult and living a quiet, private life, Sydney is reportedly in a wonderful relationship and is seen as a strong independent woman in her own right. She works as an event planner and that obviously entails great financial management as well. The 35-year-old now owns three properties and a restaurant.


The happy celebrity couple Denzel Washington and wife Pauletta have been together for decades and one of the fruits of their time together is the charming Olivia Washington. Olivia was born on April 10, 1991 in Los Angeles. Following her parents into the limelight, Olivia ventured into acting and has starred in several films like Sorry for your Loss, The Forever Tree, and The Butler.

Surely, her parents are proud as not only has she forged a career for herself but also started on her own money management from earning for her own hard work. Her parents’ combined net worth is $221 million so Olivia definitely has a great pair of role models to look up to. It’s not easy for her to reach the height of her father, but with her tale and the fame of father, she can work steadily and build up own wealth.


Nahla is the daughter of Actress and pageant queen Halle Berry and Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.Nahla Ariela Aubry was born 16 March 2008 in Los Angeles, California, United States.After hiring divorce attorneys twice for her failed marriages with baseball star David Justice and singer Eric Benet, She dated with Gabriel Aubry in late 2005 and then gave birth to their daughter.

In 2014, Halle Berry had again taken Gabriel Aubry to court over co-parenting issues.Berry alleged that Aubry had presumptively straightened and added highlights to Nahla’s head of curls without Berry’s consent.Ultimately, the judge ruled that Nahla’s hair is not to be altered from its natural state by either parent.Now, the couple looks to share a friendly bone overlooking their past quarrels.In 2018, they arrived at the carnival in Los Angeles along with Nahla and had a good time.Nahla has already been seen sharing her blessings with others that are in need. Of course, the spotlight may still be an option for her in the future.


Actors John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh tied the knot in 2018 and had their first child Billy. Billy’s dad John became famous in the 80s and was featured in different hit TV shows like Full House, General Hospital, and ER. His parents also put up a jewelry line called St. Amos Jewelry which was launched a month after Billy’s birth. The couple then chose to donate their earnings.

Billy was born on April 10, 2018. John Stamos named Billy after his father to commemorate him. Among the photos posted on John’s Instagram, the family loves each other and has a wonderful life. John used to say that fatherhood is the best thing to ever happen to him. Now Billy is 2 years old. With fame and weath of his father, he is sure to have a carefree childhood.


If Odin’s last name sounds familiar, well, it’s because it is. Odin is the eldest son of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter with his wife, Lauren Kitt. His uncle is also the teen heartthrob, Aaron Carter. Carter, 36, and Kitt, 32, have been married since April 2014. They welcomed their first child on April 19.

The eldest of two siblings was born in April of 2016. Even at a young age, fans of Nick can tell that young Odin is the spitting image of his father. He has definitely inherited the signature blonde hair and blue-eyed combo that has been the trademark of the Carter brothers. And who knows, maybe if Nick and Lauren put down some investment money into Odin’s musical training, he might continue the Carter musical legacy into the future.


The firstborn of actress Brigitte Nielsen and model Mattia Dessi is Frida Dessi. The couple has been with each other since the year 2006 and in 2008, Friday came into their lives. After froze her eggs at 40, Brigitte spent more than 10 years undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.With Brigitte already 50 years old when she gave birth, their little girl was definitely a great gift.

Frida’s mother has spent her career starring in different films including Cobra, Rocky IV, Red Sonja and Creed II. With the career goals of her parents checked, surely the investment planning on Frida’s future is bright ahead. Not only her schooling but also her potential to be in the limelight as well will not be a hurdle. This 56-year-old mother often takes her little daughter to enjoy outside time.


Academy winning director Ron Howard’s lovely daughter is Bryce Dallas Howard. Popular for her role as the antagonist Victoria in the third movie of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bryce wasn’t into film at first. All of the children were raised away from the world of show business. Their parents did not allow them access to television and instead encouraged outdoor activities and hobbies. Despite her father’s apparent success in the field of cinema, Bryce grew up in New York, away from her father’s thriving workplace in LA.

She attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University to pursue a degree in art and after which joined Broadway. As some could tell, however, she then came around to revisit the world of cinema and is presently an actress. She is married to the actor Seth Gabel, with whom she has two children.


While under treatment with ovulation-stimulating Metrodin for infertility, Bobbi and Kenny were surprised to find out they were going to have seven kids all at once. Brandon, Kelsey, Joel, Alexis, Nathan, Natalie, and Mikayla were seven blessings to the couple in 1997. They were born by Caesarean section, all within six minutes. They are the world’s first known set of surviving septuplets.

The family quickly gained a lot of media attention, both positive and negative, including a feature in Time magazine in December 1997 and letters accusing them ofbeing selfish to waste the world’s resources on a family this big. Having a new baby is a lot of work, but the degree of work you need for seven babies at once is a whole new level, according to the proud parents. Their story was featured in Time Magazine. Presently, all seven children are now adults and pursuing their own interests.


Ray Nicholson, or the total carbon copy of his dad, actor, and filmmaker Jack Nicholson, pursued a career akin to that of his parents’. Ray Nicholson was born on February 20, 1992 in Los Angeles, California. His mother, model, and actress Rebecca Broussard is also supportive of the career path of his choice. Becoming an actor himself, along with doing projects as an assistant director, Ray is working hard to achieve the status his father has made over the decades. His works as an actor include ‘R.I.P’, ‘The Big Break’ and the list goes on.

Ray is definitely on his way to make investment plans himself just like his father who has a skyrocketing net worth. With his name, familial history, and personal talent, Ray Nicholson is sure to go far in his lucrative career as an actor and as a filmmaker.


It was in 2009 when twins Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell were born to a surrogate for celebrity parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. The adorable twosome has been spotted a couple of times with their mom shopping or on their way to school. Whichever it is, the twins were definitely dressed to impress at all times. Moreover, they turned heads in the NYC Spring Gala looking impeccable.

Sarah, who has been in show business for more than four decades, also wants her children to see her enjoying her work. She has a net worth of $150 million and her father Matthew, an American comedian, actor, and singer has a net worth of $150 million. There probably is a lot of investment money under their names to insure their futures whether they follow their parents’ footsteps into the Hollywood scene or wherever else they might choose.


Son of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and former lover Bridget Moynahan, John Edward Thomas was born to parents who were already separated. When the little boy was born, Tom and his current wife Gisele Bündchen were already dating, having ended things with Bridget some time ago already. Despite this, it is reported that Tom still does his best to spend quality time with John Edward Thomas, including spending the holidays together.

John and his father’s identical faces show the power of gene. He wants to be a professional soccer player or a gold medal swimmer, obviously influenced by his father. If you follow Tom’s Instagram account, you should be showed so much posts nowadays centered around his love for his children. As there is a lot of investment money placed under the names of Tom Brady’s children, we sure hope the same goes for John Edward Thomas as well.


The younger sister of Miley Cyrus – Hemsworth and daughter of actress Tish Cyrus and musician Billy Ray Cyrus, Noah is the next big thing. She was born born on January 8, 2000. Just like most of her family, Noah also tried to pursue a career mainly based on music. She has been named one of the 30 Most Influential Teens by Time Magazine and has been a part of numerous projects. She voice acted in an animation entitled Ponyo and has recorded some songs that have topped hits.

Cyrus is known to be vocal about her mental health challenges and In 2019, after the release of her single “Lonely”, Noah devoted to Jed Foundation, a non-profit organization in the USA that exists to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for American teens and young adults. Given that Miley’s current net worth is $160 million, the same probably would not be far for Noah if she placed her investments in the right place.


The 17-year-old Sy’rai Smith is the daughter of producer Robert Smith and Brandy Norwood. Living in the limelight, there are constant stresses and struggles that come with being a close relation to a celebrity. A tough time was experienced by this child in 2004 when her parents were separated. News on tabloids also said that they weren’t married legally after all.

With all of the negativity coming on to her, including emotional stress, home security threat, and a broken family, it’s a rough life for young Sy’rai. Her strength in showing that she overcame all these is inspiring. Sy’rai displays her singing talents to the world that she has been featured in numerous videos. And her mother shows support for her little girl’s talent all the while.


Daughter of singer and musician Wille Nelson, Paula Carlene Nelson decided to follow the path of music herself. She was born on October 27, 1969. Like her father, music became a big part of her life. She would accompany her father on his tours and would, to some degree, be exposed to the industry and the workings of a musically-inclined career at a very young age. Inevitably, she chose this as her career path when she grew up.

She became a country singer, and also a DJ. For four years, she was a DJ at the Texas radio station KDRP-LP, or “Sun Radio”. In October 2016, she was awarded “Female Artist of Year” by the Country Music Association of Texas. Paula continued to make music even though her life’s difficult challenges and made her father an inspiration for sure through it all.


Isabella Cruise was the adopted daughter of movie stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise when they were married. She was born on December 22, 1992 in Miami, Florida. It is reported that though she had a happy childhood, Isabella and her mom Nicole have been having a rough time with their relationship ever since her parents had to hire a divorce attorney. It has also been said that Isabella and Nicole have recently been making amends with each other.

Now 27 years old, Isabella is married to Max Parker. Their wedding was a Scientology ceremony. Mom Nicole didn’t attend the wedding. Isabella has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pen. Then She studied make-up and hair at West London’s Delmar Academy of Make-up and Hair, and has since developed a career as an artist. Career-wise, she is a hair and makeup artist at present.


The late NBA star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa’s firstborn was Natalia Diamante. She was born on January 19, 2003. Being the eldest of four girls, Natalia has big shoes to fill because of her parents’ publicity, but credits to her skills and talents, we know that she will be able to handle it. It is also apparent that her parents love and support her very much. Her middle name “Diamante” means diamond in Spanish.

In a recent post, it was reported that Natalia honored her late sister Gianna or “Gigi” expressing how she missed her as it would have been her 14th birthday. Kobe and Gigi passed away last January in a helicopter crash and it has just been a few months for the grieving family.


Daughter of no other than award-winning stage and film actress Meryl Streep, Mamie Gummer only did the expected when she decided that she, too, wanted to act. Initially appearing in Heartburn with her mother in 1986 that she was only twenty months old at the time of filming. Mamie began making a name for herself and began earning her own roles, starring both on stage and on screen.

Gummer was nominated for the 2016 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress for the original production of Ugly Lies the Bone. She has achieved so much in her career and personal growth that her net worth has become $10 million. Lots of money management is probably done in dealing with the finances of both Mamie and Meryl as they both have endless projects coming in! In February 2019, Gummer gave birth to a son.


Initially appearing in the reality television show Hogan Knows Best, Brooke Hogan was a blonde sight to behold. Being the daughter of the professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and television personality Linda Hogan, Brooke herself started to get in the game and involve herself with her father’s career. Brooke took an early interest in music, and began working on her first studio album in 2002.

As she grew older, Brooke eventually had her own version of her father’s TV show called Brooke Knows Best which was about her own life. Also involved in music, she released her albums as well, and her first record proved to belong to the hits. Not forgetting her father’s investments, she is currently working with the wrestling promotion company TNA. Hogan was engaged to former Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa.[44] The couple called off their engagement in November 2013.


Actors James Marsden and Lisa Linde had a son named Jack before things got messy and they separated. Jack was born in 2001. In 2011, the celebrity couple had to get a divorce lawyer to settle things between them. In the midst of all the chaos, there was their son also coping through. Jack, who is now a 17-year-old professional runway model, travels the world in style.

He debuted as a runway model for Dolce & Gabbana in January 2018 at the Milan Men’s Fashion Show. Featured in international fashion shows, his career is slowly growing despite his young age. Surely, the stardom in his blood, along with the guidance and support of James and Lisa, there’s more to come for Jack. Inherited his father’s excellent appearance, Jack is sure to shine in the future and lives in the public eye.


American Sweetheart Sandra Bullock’s adopted son, Louis Bardo is called the crown prince of their family because he was the only boy. The adoption process began in 2006 and she brought her little boy home in 2010. With help from close friends and family, Sandra was able to keep her pending adoption hidden.

Sandra was concerned that the movie business has a way of taking a kid’s childhood away too quickly, and she was determined not to let this happen to her son. She was ready to give even her movie career up for her son. Sandra assured the media that whatever pressures she faces in the industry, they don’t in any way affect her son. Sandra said in an interview that the adoption never got in the way of her relationship with her son, because it was the degree to which you love and care for your child that really mattered, and she loved him as her own.


With problems of pregnancy, Roberts became pregnant through IVF and had twins, a boy and a girl. Hazel was born on November 28, 2004 in Los Angeles. The private life of Hazel Moder is under the strict supervision of her celebrity mom, Julia Roberts. Roberts believes that raising the kids in a normal environment was much more important than everything. Although the mother-daughter duo is seen in public together numerous times, Julia prefers to keep her 15-year-old’s life out of the limelight.

Starring in so many hit movies, Julia’s publicity is out in the open and it really does follow that the press would be very interested in her daughter as she looks exactly like her. It is also noted by the media that after all her investments in her career, Julia would much rather be a mother now more than a movie star.


The daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa got married four times and though she had to work with divorce attorneys the same number of times, she still made sure to raise her kids right. One of her kids, in particular, stands out from all the rest because he looked just like his grandfather and Lisa’s late father Elvis. This is Benjamin Keough. Lisa had previously described Keough’s resemblance to her famous father as “just uncanny”.

His looks make the Elvis fans more eager to see what the world has in store for this boy, as he might pick a career path that will reignite the spark that his grandfather lighted all those decades ago. Unfortunately, he was found dead on July 12, 2020 in Calabasas. His manner of death was listed as suicide. Keough had “a history of depression.


Three generations consistently into the acting industry are most apparent in renowned actresses Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and Dakota Johnson. All of them have made their spot in the hearts of moviegoers for years and years. Following the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, Dakota herself has been present in films since she was young. She is most famous in her role as Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey.

Johnson will serve as executive producer on several films under TeaTime Pictures, formerly known as Silhouette Productions. Additionally, she will star and produce the limited series Cult Following. She has been in a relationship with British musician and singer Chris Martin since October 2017. Her stunning looks and talent remind most of her mother Melanie, and it is for sure insurance for her career to go far and continue the acting legacy to the next heir.


Getting pregnant at an early age as a teenager, Farrah Abraham rose through the struggles that it meant and called her child a blessing instead. Sophia Abraham is the daughter of the celebrity. Farrah’s carrying of Sophia, even as a young girl, stirred much attention. She wrote a book on the story of her life and her personal struggles and it became one of the best-selling books in the season it was published. Investments made to undertake such a step were surely big and it did indeed pay off as now the mother and daughter have such a bright future ahead of them.

Sophia loves the camera and has dreams of being a model, singer, and actor. This 10-year-old girl is also quite active on social media, which brings commentary about her schooling, clothing, and makeup choices. Anyway, Farrah doesn’t restrict her daughter’s clothing and makeup choices and will always stand by her.


For a while now, Charlize Theron’s son Jackson has been the topic of many tabloid speculations. The reason behind it being that 8-year-old Jackson prefers to wear clothing meant for girls. For some time, this topic raised some eyebrows among fans and critics. However, Charlize stood by her parenting style and expressed how she fully supports her son’s (now daughter) identity and allows her to express and figure out who she truly is.

Recently, the actress revealed that Jackson is, in fact, a transgender person and that she is no longer raising a son but a daughter. By doing so, Charlize sets a progressive example towards parents who may be facing the same situation. With that said, we’re sure that Jackson is going to grow up to become the best version of herself with a handsome insurance fund to boot.


India Rose Hemsworth may only be eight years old, but she is starting to catch the attention of many fans. The eldest of three siblings is the daughter of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. She was born in May of 2012 and currently has two younger twin siblings. India is often seen out and about with her family, so fans have basically seen her grow up through paparazzi pictures.

It is also quite apparent that the young Hemsworth has inherited her parent’s good looks and who knows, maybe in time, she may display signs of having the acting genes as well. But whether India chooses to go into acting or not, one thing is for sure. She’s definitely going to inherit a hefty insurance fund from mom and dad.


Golden State Warriors and NBA superstar Stephen Curry and actress Ayesha Curry have a beautiful daughter named Riley. The Currys welcomed Riley, their first child, on July 19, 2012. Always seen as carried by one of her parents, it is not a secret that the celebrities adore their little girl. Riley does a bit of modelling and first appear in gigs of a children’s fashion brand in 2015.

At 7 years old, Riley’s future is definitely bright as her dad’s net worth is already $90 million whereas her mom has $16 million. This is more than enough for investments to secure Riley’s future. Being Christians, Riley’s parents surely have lots to teach their kids about being a good person as well. Proper guidance and faith will definitely be included.


The firstborn of the controversial couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is North West. The eldest of four, North has been supported by her parents so much that even at six years old, she’s already had a debut cover on the Beauty Inc. issue of WWD. Fans assume that given this big step in her youth, it isn’t far that North will follow in the footsteps of her father Kanye and be a big thing in the music industry as well.

The couple are releasing a kids clothing line and North makes her role modelling for it. Kardashian gushed on Instagram that little North, seven, is already ‘so much cooler’ than her. With parents whose joint net worth is more than $500 million, for sure investments have already been made under North’s name.


Actors Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack have a daughter together and that is Hannah Selleck. Just like her father’s interest, she also loves horses and ventured that career path. Hannah, together with her dad Tom, started a breeding operation. When she was only 4, she began to crazy about all things horses and has been a competitive equestrian show jumper since the age of 14. Without support of her parents, she probably wouldn’t be where she is.

She is currently the one running their family’s horse ranch in Venture County. As Hannah has also dabbled in modeling for a while, for sure the investment in setting up this business was a big choice. At 30 years old, it is evident that her love for the horses and their family business has more weight for her than her modeling career.


Celebrity power couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have an adorable daughter called Wyatt Isabelle. Born in 2014, Wyatt Isabelle is a talented young angel. As her father’s saying, the girl can not only speak three tongues but also understands them quite well when she was 2. The couple must love their daughter so much that they are always reported to take kids outside and enjoy their family time.

At six, she has shown a lot of talent and potential already and she’s catching a lot of attention from the media. She is currently focused on her schooling but the talk of student loans probably won’t be something they will consider for her future as her parents’ careers are both thriving. Not only will she be financially settled, but will surely also grow up as a very clever girl.


The gorgeous young Dylan Frances Penn is the daughter of celebrities Sean Penn and Robin Wright. Following in what her parents love to do, Dylan has also stepped into the spotlight carrying with her not only her talents but also her inherited looks and reputation. Before modeling, Penn had worked delivering pizzas, as a waitress, and as a freelance screenplay editor. She also worked in New York City as a restaurant hostess and an intern at an advertising agency.

Dylan had modeled in different magazines and has been featured in several covers. She has also played several acting roles in music videos and in films. One of the films she was featured in was Elvis and Nixon. Now that she’s making a name for herself, a financial advisor might be necessary to not only thrive in the spotlight like her parents but also get the same net worth as them.


Celebrity couple Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have the beautiful Lola Iolani for a daughter. The beautiful preteen oftentimes makes appearances in different prestigious events like movie premiers and red carpet events. In these grand occasions, she is always seen as trendy and fashionable. No doubt she will be involved in fashion as she grows up!

The couple want to cultivate their children’s imaginations and try their best to keep kids away from media. Lola has also been featured in Canvas of My Life, a short film about her father Jason’s life. Given that the media already loves her at this point, there’s a huge chance that Lola will have her own fans in the future and start earning herself, getting that great credit score just like her parents.


Dylan Brosnan was born on January 13, 1997 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Dylan Thomas Brosnan. He is an actor and cinematographer, known for Out of Reach, Poisoning Paradise. The good looks of Dylan Brosnan are inherited from his equally gorgeous parents Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan. In his early twenties, Dylan has started a modeling career, flaunting his appearance to the public.

Of course, along with being a model, he is also a dreamboat just like his father. His little brother, Paris, is now following in his footsteps as he too started a modelling. This, alone, is already enough to progress his career but he might also need proper money management if he wants to not only have a prolific career but also a long-lived one. Fans are still hoping that just like his parents, he will start acting as well in the future.


Daughter of the legendary Lionel Richie and his former partner Diane Alexander, Sofia Richie is just as talented as her parents. Also the sister of the socialite and TV personality Nicole Richie, Sofia chose to follow in her sister’s shoes. Currently, she is a fashion designer as well as a model. She worked with famous high-end brands. A few of these are Michael Kors, Chanel, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Sofia’s godfather was singer Michael Jackson. She reported that the visits to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch were some of her favorite memories as a child, and she became close friends with his daughter, Paris. Pursuing a career that is entirely her own, Sofia not only is making investments for herself but also controversies about her personal life just like dating her current partner Scott Disick made headlines.


Milo Gibson is the son of the ever famous Mel Gibson. Mel’s ex-wife and Milo’s mother Robyn Moore Gibson, however, had to work with divorce lawyers in 2011 as they chose to separate. As for Milo, he chose to follow in the path his father took and is also an actor. Gibson was born in Australia, and moved to Los Angeles as a child and grew up in Malibu.

Gibson worked as an electrician prior to starting his acting career. His first movie was Hacksaw Ridge which was directed by his dad. This premiered in 2016. His first lead role was in All the Devil’s Men which premiered in 2018. Furthermore, he had more movies in between and some of them are Hurricane, Breaking and Exiting and Gangster Land.


Norris was born on october 4, 1962. Being the son of the actor and martial arts champion Chuck Norris, getting projects was not a problem for Mike Norris. Having been featured in over twenty films like Bells of Innocence, Death Ring and Amerigeddon, it’s safe to say that Mike’s career is thriving just like his father’s and that a financial advisor might be necessary for Mike to manage his finances and investments.

Norris and his wife married in 1992 and have three kids. Norris owns 2nd Fiddle Entertainment, a movie studio. His dad was into martial arts when he rose to fame and he also served the Air Force for a while. Mike’s mother is Dianne Holecheck, with whom his father Chuck got married in 1958 but divorced after three decades.


Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon is no longer a teenager but is now a mom to Ava Elizabeth. Reese had Ava with her ex-husband Ryan Philippe. Reese and Ryan had to go through an entire process with divorce lawyers when Ava was only eight years old, and for sure it was not an easy thing to grasp for a child. Ryan was allegedly unfaithful to Reese, which caused the separation.

Now in her early twenties, she has grow into an amazingly talented young woman, looking like her mother. She has a modeling career on the rise. The right investments should be made for her in whatever path she would like to take and Legally Blonde fans are still waiting around if she, too, would like to follow in her mother’s footsteps.


If you think actor and all-around celebrity Will Smith only has his two multi-talented children Jaden and Willow, then you might be missing out because his eldest child is actually Trey Smith. Born to Will and his first wife Sheree Zampino, Trey is also an actor and a DJ in Hollywood. When the couple broke up, Trey was only 3 and felt betrayed. So it tooks some time for Will to restore a loving relationship with his son.

Trey Smith is probably best known as an actor, and has appeared in several TV shows over the years. With investment money very likely placed under his name, it is no surprise that Trey is treated equally as a part of his father’s new family. Though not as famous as his younger siblings, the equally talented Trey keeps to and thrives in his own fields of art as well.


Madonna is perhaps the biggest name in the music industry when it comes to female artists. Besides being the Queen of Pop, however, Madonna is also an excellent mother to six beautiful children — one of whom is 18-year-old Lourdes Leon.

Like her mother, Lourdes also has a knack for singing and songwriting. It seems like the beautiful brunette has a lot to credit her mother for. To hone her talents further, Leon attended schools for the theater and arts in Michigan and other places. She also starred in one of the ads for a Marc Jacobs campaign, one of the fashion industry’s finest names. Lourdes might have had some issues regarding her social media attitude, which fans rapidly noticed, but maybe it was just her young age talking. She’s all mature now, and she seems like a sweet and hardworking lady.


Barack and Michelle Obama are two of the most influential people of all time. Together, they make up the former POTUS and former FLOTUS. Many magazines, vlogs, newspapers, and online sources named Michelle the most beloved first lady in America, next to Jackie Kennedy. It’s safe to say that Barack and Michelle have a very genuine and faithful relationship, making them inspiration to lovers worldwide.

Of course, out of Barack and Michelle’s marriage came 22-year-old Malia Obama and 19-year-old Sasha Obama. The two were barely teenagers at the time of their father’s inauguration, and we all witnessed them grow up inside the White House. However, since leaving the White House, Sasha and Malia have grown up so much more. Now, the sisters are both in college, carving their own path in the world. However, despite being grown-ups, the girls never fail to show their degree of admiration for their mom, and it’s the sweetest thing you will ever see or hear.


Kaia Jordan Gerber and Presley Walker Gerber are the children of the iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford. Presley is 21, while Kaia, one of the most followed social media celebrities these days, is 19. Although the young model can credit her mom for opening up doors for her in the industry, getting to the top was all because of her hard work and talent.

Kaia’s modeling journey continues to rise, especially since she received several recognition and accolades in the fashion industry. She is also pursuing her acting career since she is now confirmed to be joining the cast of the hit TV series American Horror Story. On the other hand, Presley has also been concentrating on his modeling career while also acting. In fact, he is one of the most promising young male models today. It won’t be long until he captures the attention of photographers and designer brands worldwide.


Lola, Michael, and Joaquin Consuelos are the children of iconic TV personalities and Kelly and Mark Consuelos. Lola, Kelly and Mark’s 19-year-old daughter, is currently pursuing a college education at NYU, while 18-year-old Joaquin is on his way to becoming a social media celebrity. However, unlike his younger siblings, 23-year-old Michael decided to pursue a career in acting. His career may not be as prolific as his parents, but there is still so much more to explore about this young heartthrob.

Fortunately for these three, their parents have enough investments for them to grow up nicely and decently. That may be the reason why they are now such sweet and respectful kids. Kelly and Mark are also some of the Hollywood celebrities who served as an inspiration to so many couples. Their marriage is strong, and their love is incomparable, not just for each other but also for their kids.


Annie Guest is the daughter of two very famous people in Hollywood, with her mom being Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie reached extreme fame and success during her acting years, and during those times, she would often let her daughter tag along with her. The cute Annie whom we’ve all seen in red carpet events is now 34 years old. She is all grown up and successful in her chosen fields and has investments of her own as well.

Annie is passionate about becoming famous, just like her mom, but most of all, she is a businesswoman. She still appears side by side with mommy Jamie from time to time in Hollywood events, charity balls and galas, and more. She is also active in social media, although she is pretty shy. One more thing that’s amazing about this stunning lady was that she once got compared to the late Princess Diana.


Deacon Phillippe is the celebrity son of two Hollywood legends Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe. The 17-year-old takes on both his mom and dad’s beauties equally and is becoming a social media heartthrob at a very young age.

Instead of following his parents’ footsteps and concentrating on acting, this handsome young lad has decided to pursue the musical route and devote his investments to production. He has already released songs, and he is quite a talented young fellow. Fortunately for this young musician, his family background helps him break into the industry as he and his sister often attend red carpet events, awards shows, and more Hollywood parties. It seems like these two were just babies when they were first introduced to us by the iconic former couple, and now they are all grown up with their own goals in life. Even though Reese and Ryan didn’t make love everlasting, at least they have two beautiful kids continuing their legacy in Hollywood.


Ava Sambora is the daughter of the one and only Richie Sambora. If you didn’t know, Richie is the former guitarist of the band Bon Jovi. However, the famed guitarist decided to leave his band-life behind to spend more time with his daughter.

When asked about his decision, Richie Sambora said he had no regrets leaving the band to be by her daughter’s side, especially during her difficult times. Ava expressed her dad’s investment in her had totally paid off since she knew he was there, and he served as her rock when she thought she was alone. Although Ava is primarily a model, the 23-year-old has also dipped her toes into acting. In fact, she had appeared in three movies already, starting back when she was a bit younger. Nowadays, the model is taking things slowly as she tries to cope with her mental well-being. We’re sure, though, that her dad will be supportive of her no matter what.


Out of all the impressive things Rob Lowe can take credit for, having two beautiful sons is probably the most fulfilling. Matthew and John Owen Lowe are the sons of the accomplished actor, director, and producer and the nephews of the Pretty Little Liars co-director and actor Chad Lowe.

Coming from a Hollywood royalty family, Matthew and John certainly didn’t want to get left behind — and they aren’t. Matthew is a handsome 28-year-old photographer and explorer. He earns money via social media and other online platforms. He is born and raised in the city of angels, but that doesn’t mean he is steady in LA. It’s in his nature to travel the world. Meanwhile, Jon is a 26-year-old graduate of Stanford University and is now an actor and a writer. He has had a few industry projects so far, but we are looking forward to seeing his name in bigger titles in the future.


We wouldn’t be surprised if Julianne Moore’s daughter Liv Freundlich has a face of a goddess. The 18-year-old, after all, came from one of the most beautiful families in Hollywood.

The award-winning actress never fails to brag about her daughter every year, ever since she was just a little girl. She even grew up on the red carpet as her mother would often bring her along to Hollywood events. Last year, when the teenager graduated from high school, Julianne didn’t miss a chance to post and congratulate her daughter while expressing how proud she is and how amazing it is to be her mom. Liv has been in two movies now ever since her start with an acting career. It won’t be long until she finished school and totally focus on her passion for becoming an actress like her mother.


Sosie Bacon is an American actress who started her career as early as the age of ten. So far, the young actress has had 25 Hollywood projects to her credit, and we don’t doubt for a second that her parents, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, are every bit as supportive of her career.

Sosie and Kevin have a close father-daughter relationship. Fans have also noticed that the beautiful brunette is the perfect combination of both her celebrity parents. Growing up as one of the Hollywood royalties, it didn’t take long for Sosie to realize that she was born to become a star as well. Although she wants to perform in front of the cameras, Sosie still focuses on her studies. This is most certainly the reason why she has such an impressive educational background too. Who knows, maybe one of these days, her name will appear on a big Hollywood title.


Rafferty Law is the very handsome 23-year-old son of actor Jude Law. As an award-winning actor, Jude must inspire his son since the young Rafferty aspires to be in the spotlight just like his old man. He also credits his dad for the support and motivation when it comes to pursuing his dreams.

Raff has been in three films already, and while he might not be too focused on acting now since he is still getting the hang of leaving school, he has the drive to be in more projects. There is no doubt that this young man will be as successful and famous as his father very soon. Since his father is a seasoned Hollywood actor, he could impart tips on how to balance time and how important it is always to stay calm. Raff is known to have high-energy roles and portraying intense characters.


Kurt Cobain was a multi-talented songwriter, director, producer, and the former lead singer of the iconic band Nirvana. He changed the music industry forever after introducing some of the unique thematic conventions of mainstream rock music to the world.

His beautiful daughter Frances Bean Cobain is now all grown up and even has a family of her own. The 28-year-old is a model, a virtual artist, a musician, and everything that her dad would be proud of. She never fails to give her dad credits for everything he was and all the things he did. She even shared a heartfelt interview and messages to the world after she lost her father. She often posts about keeping his memory alive. So far, the younger Cobain is doing a great job in keeping her father’s legacy alive. She might not have the same amount of fame as her father, but we’re sure Kurt would be incredibly proud of her.


David Hasselhoff is an actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, father, and so much more. He is one of the most iconic stars of his time and even today. In fact, he is about to launch a new TV show.

As a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, his investments and contributions to the field are well recognized. However, above all his achievements, being a father to his 28-year-old daughter is perhaps his most important accomplishment. Today, Hayley is no-longer the little girl the world came to know from her dad’s red carpet events. In fact, she is now an up-and-coming plus-size model and an actress. As an actress, she had a major role in the TV series Huge. She’s also been in various shows and programs. She was a part of the X Factor Celebrity UK in 2019, and as soon as her role was over, she expressed how much she misses being a part of the show immediately. Hopefully, more projects will come her way in the future.


Ireland Baldwin must have grown up to be a wonder kid for having two legendary parents, namely Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Today, she is a fashion model and an actress. Besides that, Ireland also dabbles in business and even spent her investment money to launch a product.

Although she is very close with both her mom and her dad, Ireland has a solid bond and a strong relationship with her stepmom. Lately, she defended her stepmother Hilaria Baldwin after some negative rumors were surrounded Hilaria on the internet. Ireland didn’t take one pause to think and immediately jumped into her keyboard and typed her concerns.  It doesn’t come as a surprise, though, as the young Baldwin also had her fair share of negative press. Maybe that’s why Ireland has compassion when it comes to a crisis. We don’t know about you, but we surely think that it was lovely of her to defend her stepmom.


Maddox Jolie-Pitt is the 19-year-old adopted son of Hollywood giants and living legends Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As the son of two Hollywood heavyweights, you best believe Maddox grew up surrounded by media attention. Fortunately, his parents made all the suitable investments regarding their upbringing, allowing Maddox and his siblings to pursue what they really wanted. Now, Bradgelina’s eldest is a student at the prestigious Yonsei University in South Korea.

Maddox has an interesting bloodline, a mix of Asian and some African and European if you didn’t know. Unfortunately, Maddox also had to witness his parents’ marriage come to an end. As an adult, he also has his own testimonies regarding the legal separation of his parents. It looks like Maddox is a mother’s boy! He shared his final statement and favored his mom over her dad. He also clarified afterward that his statement was just for one situation. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love and respect his father.


Accomplished English actress and model, Elizabeth Jane Hurley may be 55 years old with an 18-year-old son. However, she still looks as youthful as ever, and her son, Damian Charles Hurley, is just as stunning as his supermodel mother. Damian’s father, Steve Bing, on the other hand, was a well-known businessman and philanthropist with property investments all over the United States.

Damian Charles was born on April 4, 2002, at the Portland Hospital in London. He then spent most of his childhood in Gloucestershire with his mom, making their relationship closer than ever.  As an adult, Damian ultimately decided to pursue a career path similar to his mother, as he is now an actor and a model. In 2016, he portrayed Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein’s role in the television series, The Royals, and in 2018, Damian got signed by Tess Management, a model agency.


Corrine Foxx is one of the most famous celebrity kids of all time. Who wouldn’t be if your father is no other than Jamie Foxx himself? Jamie is truly an asset in Hollywood ever since he started his career back in the 1980s. Even after almost three decades, the actor still has upcoming hit movies, such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and The 355. Corrine looks up to his father with respect and admiration for his craft. Thus, Corrine decided to become an actress herself, apart from being a beautiful model.

Corrine was born in Los Angeles, California, where all aspiring actors become a star. However, Corrine does not forget to credit her dad, who is already a big celebrity despite reaching relative success. After all, she was only six years old when she made a cameo in The Jamie Foxx Show. Growing up, she was always present on the red carpet as her old man’s date. In 2014, she made her official modeling debut at the Bal de debutantes.


Former English football player David Beckham is, without a doubt, one of the hottest men alive. Who would even believe that he is already 45 years old and a father to four gorgeous children with his wife of almost 30 years, Victoria Beckham? Now, the world can’t stop talking about his dashing son, a spitting image of the athlete himself, Brooklyn Beckham.

The 22-year-old is already making a name for himself as a handsome model and an amateur photographer. Brooklyn is a brave young man who is capable of making his own decisions. In 2019, he proposed to his now-fiancé, Nicola Peltz, an actress popular for her appearance in the critically acclaimed television drama series Bates Motel. Nicola may be four years older than Brooklyn, but these love birds are about to get married very soon. As of 2020, Brooklyn already has a whopping 10-million-dollar net worth. He must have learned a thing or two about financial planning from his affluent parents.


American actress and director Zelda Rae Williams is making a career for herself in the entertainment industry. Not many people know about this, but she is actually the daughter of the late legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams. Her mother was Robin’s second wife, Marsh Graces, who is a film producer.

The 31-year-old got her name after one of the video game series characters, The Legend Of Zelda. She was born in New York City on July 31, 1989. She was only five years old when she made her acting debut. At the age of 15, she made an appearance in the movie House Of D, alongside her father, Robin. Zelda is really passionate about film, which we’re sure stems from her father’s influence. Today, she already has a whopping net worth of $20 million and an incredible credit score to boot.


Dylan and Paris Brosnan are two very dashing young men, and that’s all thanks to their father, the legendary Pierce Brosnan. They are the first brothers that became Golden Globe Ambassadors in the year 2020, and Pierce couldn’t be more proud of his kids’ achievement.

In January 1997, Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce’s wife of two decades, gave birth to Dylan, who is now 22 years old, and three years later, she gave birth to Paris, who is now 18. Paris is currently building his career up as a model and is keen on becoming a supermodel someday.  He was only 17 years old when he first walked a runway for one of the biggest fashion names, Dolce and Gabbana. Dylan is also a model, campaigning with big companies such as H&M, Erdem, and Burberry. As of 2020, Pierce’s net worth is up to $200 million. Dylan and Paris might already have property investments in their name.


Legendary actor John Travolta is one of the biggest actors in the entertainment industry. He is popularly known for starring in blockbuster hit films such as Grease, Carrie, and Saturday Night Fever. Not only does the 67-year-old have a successful acting career, but he is also an amazing father to Ella Bleu Travolta, his only daughter. She was born in California back on April 3, 2000.

This gorgeous 20-year-old adores her parents and even followed their footsteps to stardom. Ella Bleu is passionate about acting and decided to make a career out of it, giving credit to her celebrity parents, John and her late mom Kelly Preston. Ella Bleu is popularly known for her roles in movies such as Old Dogs, The Poison Rose, and Get Lost. With her father’s influence and with him guiding her as she excels in acting, she will soon be one of the most sought-after actresses of her time.


Michael Strahan is one of the most impressive football players in the history of the National Football League. The New York Giants were lucky to have him, but Isabella and Sophia Strahan are a lot luckier to have him as a father. These 16-year-old twins are never shy to show the world that they are their dad’s number one fans. When Michael launched his new fashion collection called M by Michael Strahan, his amazing daughters quickly promoted their dad’s suits from jackets to trousers, pulling off the oversized outfits. They even created the most adorable little video that Michael deemed to be the greatest commercial ever. The Good Morning America host couldn’t be more thankful for his ever-supportive daughters.

However, after Isabella and Sophia’s parents separated, they moved in with their mom to North Carolina, enjoying their lavish lifestyle. They spend most of their time enjoying various activities from horseback riding, tennis, and beach volleyball, giving their athletic dad credit for their sports influence. Nowadays, people mainly know the twins through their social media platforms, which they use to flaunt their lavish lifestyle.


Jaden and Willow Smith are not just celebrity kids anymore. They are already superstars who made their way to the top through their own creativity and undeniable talent in music. Of course, it helped that their parents are renowned actors, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. As a family in the entertainment industry, they must be doing extensive financial planning to keep their fortune afloat.

Jaden was born on July 8, 1998, and Willow was born on October 31, 2000. These cool twenty-year-olds have since gotten out of their parents’ shadow in the entertainment industry as they dominated the world of music. Willow first gained recognition for her first single, Whip My Hair. Her brother, Jaden, on the other hand, started as an actor. His first role was in the critically acclaimed, biographical drama film, The Pursuit Of Happyness, working alongside his father, back in 2006. That same year he rapped alongside one of the most famous artists of all time, Justin Beiber, in the song Never Say Never.  These days, however, he is a lot more focused on his music career.


Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis are all grown up and are all stunningly gorgeous, and all the credit goes to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis for being such hands-on and devoted parents.

Rumer is the former couple’s oldest daughter. She was born in Kentucky on August 16, 1988. She went to Interlochen Center for the Arts, and she also got a degree from the University of Southern California. With that said, you just know that Rumer was about to follow in her parent’s acting footsteps. She appeared in a series of films such as The House Bunny and  Empire. Meanwhile, their second-born, Scout, was born on July 20, 1991. She is an actress too, just like the rest of her family members, and appeared in films including Breakfast of Champions and Bandits. Tallulah is the youngest daughter of Bruce and Demi, born on February 3, 1994. Like everybody in her family, Tallulah also joined the entertainment industry, portraying roles in films like The Whole Ten Yards.


Sylvester Stallone may be one of the toughest action stars in the entertainment industry, but he has a soft spot for his daughters Scarlet, Sophia, and Sistine. His girls are all grown up now. Sophia is already 24 with a degree in communications from the University of Southern California. 22-year-old Sistine, on the other hand, has followed her mom’s footsteps into the modeling world. In 2016, she signed to IMG Models and walked her first runway for a Chanel fashion show. Meanwhile, Sylvester’s youngest daughter is now 19, and she is very much interested in sports. In fact, she was a track-and-field superstar at her middle school in Los Angeles.

As of 2021, Sylvester’s net worth is up to $400 million, allowing him to have property investments all over the world. His kids are surely lucky to have such a wealthy dad.


Hollywood A-listers Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson used to be some of the most adored couples in the United States. Their union from 1976 to 1982 gave them two beautiful kids, Kate and Oliver Hudson. However, Goldie raised her kids with her long-time partner, Kurt Russel, who she’s been with since 1983. That’s the reason why Goldie’s kids consider Kurt as their primary father figure. Now, they are all grown up with successful careers.

Growing up, Kate admitted that she felt a little embarrassed by her mom’s fame since it can get overwhelming when you are just a little child. However, the 41-year-old actress ended up pursuing the same route as her mom and is now among Hollywood’s most successful actresses. Kate starred in various titles and blockbuster films like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Bride Wars, Fool’s Gold, and Almost Famous throughout her acting career. As of 2021, Kate is reportedly worth $80 million in net worth and investments.


Former Dutch-American supermodel Yolanda Hadid is a mom to three highly-acclaimed models Gigi, Bella, Anwar. Like their mother, all three Hadid siblings decided to strut their way into the modeling industry and became three of the most bankable faces in fashion.

Gigi, for one, made her modeling debut in the Top 50 Models ranking at Models.com back in 2014. She was then called the International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council back in 2016. In just four years, she was able to appear on international Vogue magazine covers 35 times. The 25-year-old has since added the title “mom” to her resume after giving birth to her first child, Khai Hadid Malik, in 2020. The supermodel shares her daughter with her long-time partner, Zayn Malik. Thanks to her high-end endorsement campaigns and personal investments, Gigi’s net worth is already up to $29 million.


Kate Moss is a renowned supermodel who rose to fame in the nineties and ultimately became one of the world’s biggest celebrities. Outside of modeling, Kate is busy being a mom to her only daughter, Lila Grace Moss Hack. Her mom’s influence has undoubtedly rubbed off on the 18-year-old as Lila is now on her way to becoming a supermodel just like her mother. Although following Kate’s footsteps is a tough act to follow, nothing can stop this young model from trying, and we’re pretty sure she’ll leave her mark in the future.

In fact, she had already fronted a campaign by Marc Jacobs Beauty before even turning 18. Lila even walked the runway for Miu Miu at Fashion Week, and she even had a solo for a Dazed magazine cover. She’s also quite the social butterfly, making friends with Princess Eugenie and Kendall Jenner. Lila is not even 20 yet, but her net worth is already up to $200,00. She must be learning a lot from her mom regarding fashion, modeling, and financial planning.


To say that Tina Knowles is the proud mother of the one and only Beyonce Knowles would probably be an understatement. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter is a living legend, after all. Almost everybody on the planet has heard of her songs. The 39-year-old rose to stardom in 1990 when she became the lead singer of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child. However, it was not until she released her solo album, B’Day, containing hit singles Irreplaceable and Beautiful Liar, that she became extremely popular.

Since then, Beyonce broke records after records and became one of Hollywood’s most influential personalities. Beyonce has also ventured into other fields outside of music to increase her income stream. As of 2020, the legendary songstress has a jaw-dropping net worth of $400 million, with a very handsome credit score to boot.


Kris Jenner, otherwise known as the “Momager,” is the matriarch and all-around-manager of the oh-so-famous Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Although Kim gets the credit for drawing attention to their family, Kris really expanded the Keeping Up With The Kardashians empire into what it is today. However, above the fame and the fortune, her children, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian, along with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, are still the most important people to Kris. Her hands-on approach to managing her children’s, especially Kim, careers is proof of that.

Kim Kardashian is now in her 40s and a mother to four beautiful children, North West, Chicago West, Psalm West, Saint West, but she looks just as gorgeous as the first day Hollywood met her. After achieving significant success through their reality show, she launched her own beauty line called KKW B. Through that and many other investments, Kim managed to accumulate a net worth of $780 million. We’re quite sure that Kris Jenner is beyond proud of what her daughter has accomplished.


Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most sought-after actors of her generation and will be in the ages to come. Born to an award-winning actress mom, Blythe Danner, and director-producer dad, Bruce Paltrow, she has always known that she wants to be in front of the camera and become an actor. Following her first role in a play, a mere stage walk-on role, she immediately got hooked with the thrill and experience of participating in the process of acting. After deciding to quit her college degree and focus on acting instead, Gwyneth’s acting career flourished as she starred in movies like Steven Spielberg’s Hook (1991), Flesh and Bone (1993), and a supporting role in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994).

Her first lead role in the movie Emma, a film adaptation of the famous classical book by Jane Austen, was a hit and earned her praises from both accolades and critiques. If you are an Avenger movie fan, you would recognize her for her role Piper, the love interest of Robert Downey Jr.’s character, The Iron Man.


Violet Affleck is the daughter of Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Despite being born to celebrity parents, Violet’s parents kept her life away from the public eye, allowing her to have a normal life. Ever since she was born, Violet’s parents are always wary in keeping her from the limelight and share their glitz and glamour. However, just like any other celebrity kids, the protection made by Jennifer and Ben were are not enough to hide her entirely from the paparazzi and the media.

Despite the attention that she’s receiving, she has never gotten involved in any controversy that put both of her parent’s names to shame. The media regarded her beauty as a striking image of her mother. So far, the young Affleck is reportedly into football, dancing, riding horses, and reading books. From the looks of it, it seems like Ben and Jennifer are really putting in the investment to hone their child’s skills.


Hannah Montana Star, Miley Cyrus has come a long way, making headlines on tabloids and online platforms. Born to parents Tish Cyrus and singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, she started her career young and took it seriously. During her Hannah Montana years, Miley was praised by the staff and her co-actors for being dependable and passionate about what she’s doing, and that eventually became evident in the success of the Disney series.

It is not hidden to many the controversies surrounding her personal life, which made her even more significant as a public figure. One of the most interesting moves that she did throughout her career was when she made her music video Wrecking Ball, where she was different from the pure and innocent Hannah Montana. However, she still showcased her exceptional singing voice and music style. Currently, she is still active in the industry, and with her successful career, she has made several real estate investments – and one that is known to the public is her property in Malibu, CA.


Runway and clothing model, Sailor Brinkley Cook is equally desirable and glamorous as her supermodel actress mom, Christie Brinkley, who are both living in their Bridgehampton estate in New York. Growing up to become the professional model that she is now, she didn’t use her celebrity parents’ fame in order to get ahead of others. She started her career at the age of 15, signing a modeling contract with IMG Models. Before making it big time, she interned for a website magazine The Gloss as a content writer where she gained a lot of insights into how the modeling industry works – something she probably wouldn’t get from online classes.

The modeling that she did in her teenage years is commendable as she appeared in top-charting magazines and editorials like in the Town & Country in 2018, Marie Claire Italy in 2017, L’Officiel Paris in 2016, and Seventeen Magazine in 2015, among others. She has also done pictorials for 14 other magazines and prided herself for walking the runway with her mother at Ellie Tahari’s F/W 19 Show in 2019.


Born to the ex-Beatles vocalist father Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney has proven her worth as an A-list celebrity in the field of fashion design. When her father’s second band, The Wings, disbanded, her whole family moved to a humble farm in Sussex, England, where she grew up pretty modest and developed a great liking to nature and the simplicity of life. Eventually, she started her career in 1995, and her unique ideas and creativity opened up an immense opportunity for her to be known in showbiz and in the fashion industry. Everything happened to her during her college graduation when her supermodel friends, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, modeled her designed clothes, which propelled her professional career later on.

Stella’s vegan lifestyle is expressed heavily in her creations as she does not use animal fur, which is also one of the things most of her partner brands admire about her. Her works are associated with international brands such as Gucci, H&M, and Adidas. Aside from making runway and lingerie clothes, Stella also made investments in other products like organic skincare and perfumes. Currently, she lives in London and is still active in the fashion industry.


Jada Pinkett Smith was an aspiring actress as a teenager, who developed her acting skills and artistic side at the Baltimore School of the Arts. Born to actress mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, Jada started her career by appearing in various TV shows. She had her first big break when she landed a recurring role in the show, A Different World, which is a Cosby Show spinoff, in 1991 until it got canceled in 1993. In the ‘90s, she acted in movies that will later become classics of home VHS and CDs such as Menace II Society, leading to credit roles in Jason’s Lyric (1994), Set It Off (1996), The Nutty Professor (1996), Scream 2 (1997), and Return to Paradise (1998).

Of course, who would forget her role as the rebel Niobe in both Matrix movies, The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003), alongside lead actor, Keanu Reeves. For her latest works, she appeared in comedy TV series and movies such as the Magic Mike XXL (2015), Bad Moms (2016), and the hit comedy film, Girls Trip in 2017. Currently, she is now living in Malibu, California, with her husband, Will Smith, and their children.


Eva Amurri, born Eva Maria Livia Amurri, is the beautiful daughter of American actress, Susan Sarandon, and the Italian film director, Franco Amurri. As a child, she didn’t think of getting into show business and wanted to become an astronaut instead. However, knowing that she didn’t like Math, she diverted her focus on other things and eventually followed her mother’s profession as an actress. Some of her acting credits were in movies where she worked with her mother such as the 1995 American crime drama film, Dead Man Walking, Anywhere but Here (1999), and The Banger Sisters in 2002.

Throughout the 2000s, she played a number of minor roles and had several guest appearances in both movies and series, such as Californication, How I Met Your Mother, House, Children’s Hospital, New Girl, Guys with Kids, and The Mindy Project. Her major roles as an actress include being cast in TV series and movies like Isolation, That’s My Boy, AmeriQua, Stag, and Undateable. She is currently staying at her studio called Amurri’s studio on her Westport, Connecticut, where she lives with her kids.


Colin Hanks, who lives in Sacramento, California, is the son of the actor Tom Hanks and actress Samantha Lewes. It seems he has inherited much of his looks and talent from his multi-awarded actor father. Being born to a family of film-makers, actors, directors, and producers, it’s not surprising for the eldest son of the famous Tom Hanks to choose showbusiness as a lifelong career.

His first roles came in the ‘90s and he made his acting debut in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! That was after he transitioned from being a production assistant for the movie Apollo 13 released in 1995. Among the other movies that he starred in, the 2002 film Orange County was the most memorable as he was able to relate so much to his character. However, one of the most notable characters that he gave life to is his character in the 2007 movie Alone with Her. He had to gain weight to fit his character’s profile of being a creepy loner who stalks a woman that he likes so much. What’s amazing is he was able to lose weight quickly as he was also filming the movie, King Kong, in 2005. We hope he made an investment in a healthy weight-loss program to achieve this.


Maya Rudolph is one of the most sought-after comedic talent and voice actors of the 21st century. That is partly thanks to the talented voice that she probably inherited from her late mother, Minnie Riperton, who was a celebrated soul diva known for her whistle registers in many of her performances. Being friends with celebrity families like the Paltrows, Maya was involved in music production in the early 2000s. She originally had a few appearances in a number of live singing performances before she started doing impersonations of known personalities such as the heiress to the Versace clothing line, Donatella Versace, and actress-singer, Christina Aguilera.

Her other voice acting credits were in the animated Dreamworks movie Shrek the Third and its sequel Shrek Forever After (2010) and her comedic acting was shown in movies like Grown-Ups (2010), The Zookeeper (2011), and the international smash hit Bridesmaids (2011). Maya was recently seen at her residences in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California.


Inheriting her mother’s charms and her father’s knack for singing, Apple Blythe Alison Martin is a star in the making. Although her mother, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, tried to hide her from the scrutiny of the media, Apple’s few public appearances caught the attention of individuals curious about her identity. They were wondering how she was growing up given the degree of fame her parents have in showbiz.

With so little information about her daily life, Apple didn’t fail to make a great impression of what her character and talents are. In school, she is popular among her peers for taking part in their school’s choir ensemble where she showcased her vocal talent and guitar skills. True to that, in 2016, she performed a song of singer Ariana Grande at a charity event and has also been seen multiple times singing with her father, Chris Martin (Coldplay vocalist) at some events. Apple is now residing in Gwyneth’s mansion in Los Angeles residence, together with her step-father, Brad Falchuk.


Liv Tyler was born to singer-model Bebe Buell and Aerosmith lead vocalist Steve Tyler, and this fact made her life a little dramatic and controversial as well. She was 11 years old when she discovered that her biological father was the Aerosmith lead. This information, along with her innate talent for acting, made her a famous TV personality.  She began modeling at the age of 14 and made her acting debut in Bruce Beresford’s film Silent Fall. She then gained acting credits in top-charting movies in the ‘90s and 2000s.

Her first big break as an actress was when she was chosen to be the lead of James Mangold’s movie, Heavy, pinning her name to cult status for her iconic performance. Another hit movie that she starred in is the action blockbuster Armageddon alongside Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis. This was her most popular movie to date, adding to her professional profile which made producers and directors believe in her talent in her succeeding movies. Liv is currently residing at her West Village-style mansion in Manhattan, New York.


Riley Keough is related to two of the most iconic personalities in the music industry, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Her mother, singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, is the only living child of the late Elvis Presley and heiress to all of his estates. Riley is also the step-daughter of Michael Jackson after her mom married the King of Pop, which later ended with hiring lawyers. With a rich history of music deep-seated in their family, it wasn’t surprising when she decided to enter show business and explore more of her talent.

Her career started with a minor role in the 2010 film Runaway, and later, she starred in her very first lead role in the drama film The Good Doctor. However, she is best known for playing the lead role in the television series, The Girlfriend Experience, which first aired in April 2016. Riley reportedly bought her Tudor-style cottage in LA way back in 2018 and has been living there ever since.


O’Shea Jackson Jr., also known as OMG in the showbiz industry, is the son of the famous rapper and actor, O’Shea Jackson, popularly known as Ice Cube. Currently residing in LA, He started out as a rapper just like his dad and released his very first mixtape, Jackin’ for Beats, in 2012 under the name OMG (OhMyGoodness). Before going solo as an artist, O’Shea and his brother first appeared in two of Ice Cube’s songs titled She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own, and Y’all Know How I Am, which was in his 2010 album I Am the West.

Following his cameos in music videos, he formally released two singles titles OMG in 2014 and Ain’t No Place released in 2015. He also ventured into acting and played his father in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton, a role that he had to earn after a series of auditions despite having a close physical resemblance to his dad. His other acting credits are from Just Mercy, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Long Shot.


Born to American model and TV personality, Chrissy Teigen, Luna Legend is an addition to the list of adorable celebrity babies who are stealing the hearts of many just by existing. Born in October of 2015, Luna’s Instagram account has already gained a vast number of followers, particularly those who are fond of cute babies and celebrity kids. In her IG account, you can see a lot about the life of the youngster including the obvious supportiveness of her parents, including her father, American singer and producer John Legend.

One activity that Chrissy and Luna love doing together is having a scheduled beauty ritual session like fixing each other’s hairs and applying some make-up. Sometimes, when John is around, they would invite him to partake with them. One memorable milestone of Luna that Chrissy was able to record was when her daughter began addressing his father by his first name while playing with their newly-adopted pet dog. The video garnered a lot of reactions from netizens, to the degree that it has been shared on several social networking sites.


The Legend family is yet to give another delightful addition to their family and this time it is their two-year-old baby boy Miles Legend. Just like his sister, Miles’ baby steps and achievements are all over her mother’s IG account for all her followers to admire. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen obviously can’t seem to get enough of their children, allowing the whole world to be amazed by their kids’ good looks and charming characters. Fellow actor, Jennifer Garner, once pointed out the cuteness of the couple’s youngest child.

Just by looking at the boy, one can immediately see his uncanny resemblance to his father, especially the way he smiles. During his birthday celebration last May of 2020, John shared a photo of Miles sitting innocently and put a heartfelt caption of love and gratitude for giving their family another reason to be joyous. Just like his sister, Luna, he is living with her parents at their new expensive house at their Beverly Hills home.


Maya Hawke is the daughter of former married couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. When you have both parents in the entertainment industry, it is not surprising to find out that Maya was able to enter Hollywood as well. Her own acting skills and versatility has made her land major roles including Stranger Things and Little Women where she played as Jo March.

Her mother initially did not want Maya to enter the complicated world of stars. In an interview, Maya relayed how the Kill Bill actress was wary of the consequences of living a life under the spotlight, especially for women celebrities. Uma knew the conflict that may arise as she has also gone through the degree of celebrity stardom that her child is slowly journeying into. Despite this, she, along with ex Ethan, who also expressed his pride for Maya’s success, still supported her daughter. The 22-year-old actress now lives with Uma in New York and has been spending quality time with her and her younger sibling during this current global situation.


Chris Pine entered Hollywood and followed in the footsteps of his father Robert Pine. He, who is living in Los Angeles, is an active actor who gained stardom for his excellent performances in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement where he played Lord Devereaux. As one of the lead actors of this generation, Chris has appeared in many movies since his debut film. He bagged roles in Star Trek, Hell or High Water, and Wonder Woman films.

Chris was probably influenced by his father, Robert, who also had the same stardom back in the days when he first started his career in the ‘70s. The older Pine played as Sgt. Joseph Getraer on the hit TV show CHiPs and has appeared in over 400 TV episodes in the span of his career. He also had several guest appearances, such as in the shows The Wild Wild West, Lost in Space, Knight Rider, and Gunsmoke.

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