The Net Worth Of Your Favorite Celebrities

You’ll doubtlessly recognize every single name in this roundup of insanely rich celebrities. You probably won’t even be surprised at how rich some of them are. After all the fat talent fees, the endorsement deals, and royalty payments, one thing that is as certain as death and taxes are that the life of a celebrity—the wealth of a star—can climb real quick, with very minimal effort on their part. That is simply one of the perks of celebrity life. But none of that makes a listicle of just how rich they are any less interesting, so without further ado, here’s a list of the wealthiest celebrities with their credit score and net worth.


British journalist and television presenter, Martin Lewis, who famously founded the consumer finance information and discussion website,, is reportedly worth a whopping $155 million. Those who aren’t living in the UK might not have heard of the man, but to his credit, a celebrity in his own right, known by many as a financial journalist and money expert. The financial website that he founded, purchased from Lewis for approximately $100 million, is also very successful, reportedly raking in millions per year.

Currently, one can find Lewis as a guest on various television programs, rendering his expert financial advice. In April 2018, Martin defamed Facebook and filed a lawsuit in the high court after publishing more than 1000 scam ads that abused his name or image on his website. He set up money for about 100 pounds The website, which was sold for 87 million pounds less than a decade later.