The Net Worth Of Your Favorite Celebrities

You’ll doubtlessly recognize every single name in this roundup of insanely rich celebrities. You probably won’t even be surprised at how rich some of them are. After all the fat talent fees, the endorsement deals and royalty payments, one thing that is as certain as death and taxes are that the life of a celebrity—the wealth of a star—can climb real quick, with very minimal effort on their part. That is simply one of the perks of celebrity life. But none of that makes a listicle of just how rich they are any less interesting, so without further ado, here’s a list of the wealthiest celebrities with their credit score and net worth.


Former singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who rose to prominence as a member of the now-defunct, all-female pop supergroup, Spice Girls, is reportedly worth a whopping $450 million. Of course, we’re not totally surprised, given Mrs. Beckham’s fantastic business acumen. Indeed, the woman has her own fashion line, fragrance, and a slew of endorsement deals worth millions of dollars. What’s more, her net worth combined with that of her husband puts them both within striking distance of billionaire-hood.

To her credit, Victoria Beckham was able to make a name for herself far beyond what anyone could have expected during her Spice Girl days. Victoria Caroline Adams was born in Essex, England on April 17, 1974. She grew up in a wealthy family. Anthony and her parents set up a wholesale business with Jacqueline. After meeting at a charity football match, Victoria began dating David Beckham in early 1997. The couple announced their engagement in 1998 and were nicknamed “Posh and Becks” by the media.