90 Top Shocking Celebrity Transformations

Transformations are not unusual in show business. You could say that actors and actresses transform for every role that they take – especially method artists who go to the extreme to immerse themselves in their roles. However, these types of transformations are often aided only by diet, exercise, and make-up. They still look like themselves after the credits roll.

But that’s not always the case! Here’s a list of the topmost shocking celebrity transformations that will stun you!


Best known for her appearance in the famed comedy series, The John Larroquette Show, Liz Torres is a known American actress, singer, and comedian. Her role in The John Larroquette Show bagged her two Emmy and Golden Award nominations. When Liz attended the premiere of Gilmore Girls on November 18, 2016, everyone was surprised to see her new body. The actress is said to have started losing weight around 2010 after sharing in an interview changes in diet, exercise and work life balance.

The public was shocked when Liz underwent massive weight loss which was achieved, according to rumors, through gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is known to be very expensive and usually costs a lot of investment money. Although these are just rumors, the fact remains that Liz looks healthy and more confident with her new physique. In fact, Liz didn’t follow any special food plan. At the initial stage, she only ate nutritious meals and snacks instead of processed foods, candy and sugary drinks.