90 Top Shocking Celebrity Transformations

Transformations are not unusual in show business. You could say that actors and actresses transform for every role that they take – especially method artists who go to the extreme to immerse themselves in their roles. However, these types of transformations are often aided only by diet, exercise, and make-up. They still look like themselves after the credits roll.

But that’s not always the case! Here’s a list of the topmost shocking celebrity transformations that will stun you!


English singer-songwriter and former member of the boy band, Take That, Robert Peter Williams achieved great commercial success beginning in 1997 when debuted as a solo performer. His songs, Angels, and No Regrets are crowd favorites not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world.With his great physique and talent, he attracted many fans. However, when he started gaining weight, the fans went too. To save his career and his health, Williams sought professional help, and with guidance, yoga, and a balanced diet, he was back in business in no time.

During one of Taylor Swift’s concerts, Williams appeared as a surprise guest performer. Together, they sang Williams’ hit single Angels, which was also one of Swift’s favorite songs. He wore a tight Taylor Swift t-shirt, jacket, and fitted jeans. As soon as Williams came out of the big stage, the fans went wild. This just showed that he never really lost his charms to the fans – most especially the ladies. He looked fit, young, and healthy, credits to his quick realization of a need to shift his lifestyle choice.


Sara Rue, star of Less Than Perfect, and Shedding for the Wedding, serves as an inspiration to many. Romance played a part in her weight loss. After falling in love, Rue decided to do something about her weight instead of spending time frustrated over it.Rue signed up on a fitness program with Jenny Craig and the pharmaceutical company, Takeda. Her efforts resulted in her desired results and her gave her confidence a boost – she’s got a swimsuit shoot to prove it!

This semi redhead, semi brunette beauty invested all of her time in quickly changing her lifestyle before it was too late. Even though she didn’t really hit the mark of obesity, she didn’t wait for that time to come. Rue quickly jumped into a much healthier routine. The American Pie star made a time investment into doing that would be worth for her future, instead of dwelling into the past.


Valerie Bertinelli is best known for her roles as Melanie Moretti on the sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, and as Barbara Cooper Royer on a similar sitcom entitled One Day at a Time. With her great acting chops and personality, she enjoyed a great career path with no loans and a high credit score. However, in 2007, Valerie became overweight and this caused some difficulties in her career. She then decided to shape up and be serious about exercising and proper diet.

Now, she’s healthier and is now a host at Food Network. Bertinelli has made a big name on the food network, but it didn’t go by without a series of struggles. She was criticized for being on the heavier side. In fact, you would be surely be surprised to know the extent of criticisms she received. Despite her age, Bertinelli decided to follow a healthier lifestyle and showed the world she could still lose weight.


Even just knowing her last name, you already know just who she is in Hollywood. Or at least, who her family is. Kelly Osbourne has gone through a lot. From her Lyme disease diagnosis to cyber bullying and all her family drama, it’s an understatement, to say the least. When she appeared in Miley Cyrus’ movie So Undercover, Osbourne made it look like she was having so much joy in her life. We are guessing she’s very talented in acting indeed!

She played a nice but outspoken girl who wasn’t afraid to show herself to her peers, and in life, she is kind of like that. Well, at least, she’s trying to be. When she decided to lose weight, she placed her investment in the M-Plan, a UK weight-loss craze. It consists of replacing a meal (lunch or dinner) with a mushroom dish for two weeks, resulting in a loss of 4 to 10 pounds.


After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, comedian Drew Carey decided that the joke was over. His dedication shown in hosting The Price is Right for over 10 years carried over to changing his lifestyle. Carey decided to go on a strict no-carb diet. This paid off and he lost 80 pounds during the period he was doing the diet, accompanied by hours in the gym and guidance from his trainer.

He jokes about a 10-size drop in the pants he wears after his weight loss. Being a part of the comedy world, having put on the extra weight wasn’t so much of a bother. For fans, comedians should look and be funny. Anyhow, Carey decided to shed off the extra pounds after learning of his serious health condition. It was even a blessing in disguise. Credits to his will to survive and remain alive, Carey strictly disciplined himself when it comes to eating and exercising.


Ruben Studdard rose to fame when his stint in American Idol led him to become the show’s winner in its second season. His rendition of Flying Without Wings stirred many hearts across the country. In 2003, he also made headlines for his single, Superstar, earning himself a nomination in Grammy’s for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. After releasing several top-selling albums, he shifted into TV and stage work, where he became notable for his role in the national tour revival of Ain’t Misbehavin’. Clearly, Studdard was having the time of his life.

His journey was nearly halted when he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Good thing he made the smart decision and investment planning by joining the show, The Biggest Loser. Instead of having to take out cash loans for a gastric sleeve surgery, Studdard opted for an all-natural method of proper diet and exercise. He lost 129 pounds in total after leaving the show.


Many comedians in Hollywood tend to be on the larger side, what with the stereotype “fat funny guys” coming to be. However, like many comedians on our list, the talented star of Gilmore Girls, The Nines, and Ghostbusters, Melissa McCarthy decided to invest in her health. After all, her talent in comedic timing is not inherently tied to her weight which she proved time and time again with amazing performances and writing.

McCarthy’s weight fluctuated over the years but she finally got to her ideal weight by changing her mindset and becoming “boring.” Like money management, everything starts with the right mindset and goal. However, McCarthy remains to be the award-winning actress–slim or not. She was also part of the 2016 Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Melissa also currently ranks #22 in The New York Times’ list of the 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century.


Hawaii Five-O saw Jorge Garcia during his overweight days. However, nowadays, the actor has turned a different direction for a healthier lifestyle. This was after he was asked by the producers of Lost to lose weight. Trivia: He actually became the first to cast on the series after producers saw his performance n Curb Your Enthusiasm the day before casting began. His well-known character as Hugo Reyes was a role made especially for him.

To calm the concerns of family and friends, he hired a dedicated trainer and dietician to help him on this journey–much like how a person would hire a financial advisor to help him manage his finances. With a customized workout perfect for his needs and limits, plus a diet of veggies and fruits, Garcia has now lost over 100 pounds from his initial weight of 400 pounds. With more determination, he will surely achieve the weight and health he aims to hit.


The funnyman, Jack Black, hardly cared about his weight even after gaining popularity in Hollywood. He’s raised his credit score over the years with hit movies like School of Rock and Nacho Libre, however, this also came with an increase in his weight. He turned over a new leaf when his old friend, Kyle Gass, made his own weight loss journey. Black went in headfirst and started with a low-card diet and intense workouts.

By the way, Gass is the other half of the Grammy Award-winning comedic rock duo Tenacious D, which the two old friends formed back in 1994. This 2020, he’s made it a goal to get ripped and maybe, join the Avengers team. That’s quite the goal! Black launched his YouTube Channel in 2018 mainly to bond with his sons, serving as videographers and editors of the channel. Since its launch, the channel already has four million subscribers and 51 million views. Maybe he’ll post his diet one of these days.


Losing weight doesn’t take magic, Penn Jillette proves, though it might look like it does. The American magician and television personality decided to take a healthier path after doctors discovered a 90% blockage in his heart.With a determination to see his young kids grow up, Jillette went all out on his new healthier lifestyle. He went vegan and did an extreme form of intermittent fasting which resulted in a result of 100 pounds of weight loss.

Jillette gets the credit for being one half of the team Penn & Teller. They are well known for their work as magicians featured in many stages and TV shows, such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Currently, they are regularly headlining at The Rio in Las Vegas. Other than performing, Jillette also published eight books, one of which became a New York Times Bestseller. He is also widely known for his skepticism in science and his campaign on free-market capitalism.


Bridget Jones’s Diary star, Renee Zellweger, was initially thrilled when she gained a few pounds thinking that it will match her character of Bridget Jones for her upcoming projects. While it did work, Zellweger immediately went back to her regular fitness routine after the projects. Her dedication to the role and to herself brought forth success and a higher credit score – a win-win situation on both ends!

It’s not a surprise for the award-winning actress to have this dedication to her profession. She is one of the sought-after actresses in Hollywood, receiving numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards for her Cold Mountain and Judy performances. Zellweger also received four Golden Globe Awards for the same acts and her execution in Nurse Betty and Chicago. In fact, in 2007, she was named one of the world’s highest-paid actresses and in 2009 awarded the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year.


Fergie Duhamel, born Stacy Ann Ferguson, is most popularly known for her stage name Fergie. She rose to prominence as part of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. Having cemented her mark in the industry both as a member of the hip hop group and solo artist, Fergie has had it all. Her first solo album, The Dutchess, which she released back in 2006, became a commercial success and produced three number-one singles, London Bridge, Glamorous, and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

As a sought-after hip-hop star, she was caught blindsided by her weight gain. Fed up with the rumors and criticisms, Fergie opted for a 1,600 calorie diet plan by Carrie Wiatt. With focus and hard work, she shed off over 17 pounds in a few months. Today, she’s back flaunting her sporty figure, getting the credits for looking all fresh and even far younger than her age.


David Styles, or better known with his stage name as Styles P, is an American rapper and member of the hip hop group, The Lox. He, along with childhood friends, Sheek Louch and Jadakiss, started their own hip hop group. They also founded the D-Block Records. In addition, he also worked on multiple albums as a Solo MC, releasing in 2002 his debut LP, A Gangster and a Gentleman, which produced the single, Good Times. The song hit massive nationwide airplay that year and earned a spot on the Billboard chart.

Opting for a healthier lifestyle, Styles turned to veganism and plant-based diet to lose weight. He also credits this change for his clearer mind and more centered energy. Taking this a little further, he opened four juice bars in New York with Jadakiss. Whether or not he took out a business loan for his business is unknown, but one thing’s for sure, his investment in himself surely paid off.


Love and Hip Hop star, Teairra Mari is a known singer, actress, and songwriter up until she spiraled into alcohol addiction. Poor diet and health caused her to gain weight, but with the help of rehab and support of family and friends, Mari began to bounce back. Jay-Z signed her to Def Ham Recordings, where she released her first album, Roc-A-Fella Records Presents Teairra Mari, at the age of 16. However, even after she released several albums, nothing much progressed significantly in her music career.

It wasn’t until 2010, when she starred in Lottery Ticket, alongside Bow Wow and Ice Cube, that she was able to get back on her feet. The emotional investments of the people on her team paid off when she embarked on a weight loss program. She gave up her alcohol intake and focused on her career, putting her back on the path of success with various collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, and Gucci Mane.


Canadian stand-up comedian, Debra DiGiovanni, never bothered with her weight before. However, like many businesses, DiGiovanni felt that she was drowning in business loans that she may never repay. She then decided to reevaluate her lifestyle and understood the amount of insurance money she’s going to need with the possibility of obesity and cardiovascular disease in her then near future. Following this, she adopted a weight-loss routine that consists of cardio work and a strict healthy diet.

Now, DiGiovanni is looking healthier and better, ready to take on the world by storm. Currently, she headlines as a sought-after and accomplished voice performer on CBS radio, The Debaters. She is noted for her award-winning comedy album Lady Jazz and her outstanding performance on the Last Comic Standing season five, where she ended the competitive show at 8th place. Her stint in the show started when she qualified for the semi-finals in Hollywood after being drawn from the Montreal auditions.


Famous for his roles as Norm Peterson in the television sitcom, Cheers, George Wendt is a well-known and well-loved actor and comedian. His performances earned him a stunning six consecutive nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. However, he has yet to get hold of the trophy. Anyhow, he is also noted for his acts in Gung Ho, Fletch, Forever Young, Dreamscape, House, Man of the House, Hostage for a Day, and Lakeboat.

Wendt seemed to have miscalculated his investments in himself. Unlike many other celebrities who fell into the pit of alcohol addiction, Wendt fell into bad food habits. Knowing the possible negative results that may stem from this lifestyle, Wendt decided to go under a major lifestyle change. He began eating healthy food and exercising regularly, and this resulted in a 75-pound weight loss. Anyhow, what important is Wendt has managed to getting his feet back on the ground, keep moving, and striving to be healthy.


Modern Family star, Eric Stonestreet, is a man of many hobbies. As a matter of fact, he could probably lead a couple of online classes about different topics without breaking a sweat. His dedication to losing weight paid off so well that the writers of the said sit-com had to write an arc that details the weight loss journey of his character. Though he is dedicated, Stonestreet limits himself to less cardio and more weightlifting and eating healthy.

We’ve seen Stonestreet looking a little heavier when playing his recurring role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He also looked quite chubby in the films Bad Teacher, Identity Thief, and The Loft. However, for his stint with Modern Family from 2009, a lot could be noticed, especially on his physique appearance. Despite the changes, all through his act, he was nominated three times for Emmy’s Outstanding Supporting Actor award, which he won twice.


Tanner Elle Schneider is the singer of the hit song, Exes and Oh’s. She is better known by her stage name Elle King, and she surprised everyone in 2016 when she appeared on the famed show, Say Yes to the Dress to find her own wedding dress. Apparently, the celeb kid started dating Andrew Ferguson and got engaged 12 days later after they sailed to San Francisco Bay. Her new look surprised many after she shed off 20 pounds for her special day.

Her investment of $4,900 on her wedding dress paid off because she looked absolutely stunning! However, their marriage on February 14, 2016, didn’t last long. She and her then-husband parted ways after just a year of marriage bliss. Thankfully, by October 2018, King entered a new relationship that we hope would last long for the singer. To date, she has had several tattoos all over her, now that she works with a tattoo company called East Side Ink.


The Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood, lost 35 pounds following her domestic violence arrest and subsequent battle against depression. Portwood revealed that it was a very dark period in her life. However, with help from friends and family, she’s slowly recovered and was honored for her good behavior. Portwood is best known for being part of 16 and Pregnant in 2009, where she revealed her early pregnancy as a teenage girl.

The show also chronicled her time as a young mom, along with others who were at the same age like her. She then became a part of the spin-off series Teen Mom and was part of its for four seasons until it ended in 2012. Now, she has joint custody of her son with her ex-husband. In 2015, she made her investments in herself and went under strict dieting and fitness routine. Eventually, she also decided to go under the knife to achieve her goal.


Lady Antebellum’s songs could be considered as anthems of the early 2010s. Now, going by the group name Lady A, the country music group’s frontwoman, Hillary Scott, is the voice behind such hits. Though formed far back in 2006, it was with her family’s help that she was able to release her album Love Remains in 2016. The album, was actually gospel music which she described to be the cry of her heart.

True enough, her heart’s cry was rewarded with an award of Best Contemporary Christian Album and the lead single, Thy WillI, also won as the Best Contremporary Christian Music Perfornance/Song.. After giving birth, much like many women, Scott began to gain weight that was difficult to shake off. Balancing work and family did not stop her from putting an investment aside to herself and starting to go back to the gym. She coupled it with a strict diet plan that had her looking more elegant and slim than ever.


Seth Rogen’s a genius comedian with his works like The Boys, Superbad, Good Boys, and The Interview, wherein he played roles in and co-wrote in some. He began his stand-up comedic acts in Vancouver, but he eventually moved to Los Angeles, where he landed a role in Jude Apatow’s series Freaks and Geeks. He then got a credit role on the sitcom Undeclared, where he also worked as a writer. His writing skills gained him recognition in the long run and earned him a nomination in the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.

His weight loss journey started when he met Ryan Reynolds. Impressed by the actor’s physique, Rogen contacted Reynold’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, and started working out. Coupled with a good diet and guidance, such as following the 5-factor diet program, Rogen lost 30 pounds in just nine months, without skin sagging due to continued strength exercise.


Jerry Ferrara is an actor noted for his HBO series Entourage role as Turtle, which he later took to DirecTV commercial, earning praises for its humorous effect. He also starred on the Power, a drama series, where he played the character of Joe Proctor. As he gains momentum in his career, Ferrara, however, didn’t mind his weight too much. It was not until he noticed that he was already standing at the 200-pound mark after a physical check- up before a new project.

Considering his height of 5’7, it wasn’t a good ratio, so Ferrara decided to swipe his credit card and hired himself a nutritionist and fitness trainer to help him lose the unwanted fats in his body. Now, the actor is enjoying his newfound fitness with increased confidence. When he isn’t busy acting, the diehard New York Yankees, Knicks, and Giants fan couldn’t stop following and talking about his favorite teams.


30 Rock star, Alec Baldwin has had his fair share of ups and downs. From his whirlwind romance, legal separations, and falling out with his ex-wife Kim Basinger, and his now happy in his marriage with Hilaria Thomas-Baldwin. It was during his second marriage that Baldwin was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. With four young children, like electricity, this shook the actor. With the help of his wife, Baldwin decided to cut off sugar from his diet and thus, successfully lost 30 pounds in just four months!

Baldwin is known in his career to have both done leading and supporting roles in films. He is known for his part in Beetlejuice, Working Girl, Married to the Mob, and Talk Radio. His role as Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October gained attention, along with the drama film Glengarry Glen Ross. Since then, Baldwin has worked with directors such as he did with Woody Allen in Alice.


The alumnus of the MTV hit reality show, Jersey Shore, Ronnie Ortiz is definitely someone many will easily recognize on the street. He left the infamous show only to return once more in 2012. He then tried his luck at TNA Wresting’s Impact Wrestling in 2011, where we saw Ortiz pin down Robbie E for the win after he was beaten by the latter the week before. Then, he tried to shift to acting, where he made an appearance in the movie The Three Stooges.

We’re not so sure how acting is working out for him, but in 2017 he went back to reality TV and appeared in Famously Single and then again in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. When he returned, fans noticed his weight loss which he attributed to proper diet and workout. His future plans for himself really panned out, health-wise. Nowadays, he’s recently on the news for selling his luxe Vegas home with amazing flooring for $869,900.


After his whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage, legal separations, and family drama with the pop star, Britney Spears, Kevin Federline surprised many with his 200-pound weight gain.
The rapper, DJ, and actor was determined to bounce back though and his marital drama was no match for his desire to get back into shape. He swiped his credit cards and decided to join the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club. The move turned out to be worth it as he lost significant weight after joining the club.

In 2011, he again appeared on a weight-loss show in Australia, Excess Baggage. However, it didn’t end well for the reality TV star. Talking about his life with Spears, the former couple both agreed and even signed in the 2005 reality TV feature in Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. However, as things got messier, the two decided to go on their separate ways. Anyhow, everything is better now for them. Federline is now married to volleyball player, Victoria Prince with whom he is raising two beautiful daughters with.


Keely Shaye Smith is a TV host, actress, journalist, and author. She first appeared in the MTV music video Stuck with You with Huey Lewis and spent three weeks at the number one spot at the Billboard Hot 100. She then turned to acting before becoming an environmental correspondent for six years in The Home Show, earning awards for her presentations. Then she became a correspondent for NBC’s hit show Unresolved Mysteries before she became a gardening expert for Good Morning America.

Seeing Smith’s physique during the ’80s was like being struck by electricity. However, youth is just borrowed and we have to pay it back as we grow older. Smith gained weight after she entered motherhood, and despite the nasty comments about her weight, she stood confident and strong. Over the years, the journalist lost weight naturally thanks to her strong and loving support system.


Jonathan Antoine won the second spot in Britain’s Got Talent in 2013, with his partner, Charlotte Jaconelli , who he always had exciting journeys with since meeting each other in high school. At that time, he was battling depression much to the surprise of many. However, after participating in the show, Antoine felt the vigor to change his life for the better. He signed up for Weight Watchers in 2013 and lost 4 stones or 56 pounds.

Antoine is a trained classical tenor, and he is one half of the duo Jonathan and Charlotte. After some time, he decided to go solo and released his first album in the UK, Tenore, and a follow-up on August 18, 2016, Believe. All in all, Antoine was able to release five studio albums to his credit with his last Going the Distance, which he only released last April 2020 under the sound label, Antoine Multimedia, Sony Music.


Professional sumo wrestler Rikishi is expected to live centuries-old according to centuries-old rules, or the word can be used as an alternative for sumotori or sumo sam. These wrestlers are mostly from and trained in Japan, where the sport Sumo is widely practiced. People aspiring in this sport can be ranked as individuals or not based solely on their official wins. You’d think the heavier you weigh, the better it is for wrestling, right? Not necessarily.

They are only expected to grow their hair long so they can form it into a topknot or chonmage, similar to a samurai hairstyle of the Edo Period. The sumo life centers around training stables, and that’s where active wrestlers belong to do the following: train, clean, sleep, and socialize. Rikishi or Solofa Fatu Jr. resolved to lose weight by joining the famous Planet Fitness group. With dedication and discipline, the wrestler lost a remarkable 125 pounds of excess weight. He credits it to regular workouts, intense cardio exercises, and a low-carb diet.


You might know Jay Scott Greenspan better as his stage name, Jason Alexander. He is best known for his work in Seinfield, wherein he was nominated for seven consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards. As a popular actor and talented director and comedian, Greenspan is no stranger to the limelight. Many took notice when he started losing weight. He attributed this weight loss to his new low-calorie and balanced diet.

Through this, he dropped over 40 pounds –smart of him to make investments on his health early on. Kudos to him! His film and TV projects include his roles in Pretty Woman, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Duckman, Dream On, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. He also has established himself on stage with his appearances in several Broadway musicals, such as Jerome Robbins’ Broadway, winning the Tony Awards as Best Leading Actor in a Musical.


Known to many as Penny for her role in The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco consistently maintained her trimmed shape over her decades in show business. Her breakout role in Hollywood back in the 1990s was when she landed Bridget Hennesy’s character on 8 Simple Rules. It was an ABC sitcom that ran from 2002 through 2005. Then, she voiced Brandy Harrington on the animated series Brandy & Mr.

Whiskers and appeared on Charmed as Billie Jenkins before landing on The Big Bang Theory. Through her years in the industry, she managed to keep herself in shape.
What’s her secret? Cuoco revealed that she tried almost all fitness styles and maybe even online classes to find the perfect workout for her. She finally met her match with hot yoga with regular gym sessions. She keeps her workouts fresh by attending different types of yoga classes – from core power yoga to yoga sculpt classes.


Actress Kristen Vangsness already appeared in several movies and TV series, but she is most famous for her role as FBI Technical Analyst, Penelope Garcia in the long-running show, Criminal Minds. Her fierceness and dedication to her profession translates beyond the scenes and surely, prestigious awarding bodies will soon notice her excellence in her character executions. Her weight loss journey can be traced over the show’s numerous seasons if you’re an avid watcher.

Vangsness swiped her credit card for Renee Stephen’s weight loss program. It lasts for about six weeks, aided with coaching, books, and podcasts. It proved to be successful for Vangsness as she lost 50 pounds during the process. When she started the series, she was overweight but thanks to her significant transformation, she now looks and feels lighter than she has always been. The actress has Stephen to thanks for her weight loss journey and although she didn’t get into details, she sure did answer it straight to the point.


Best known for her appearance in the famed comedy series, The John Larroquette Show, Liz Torres is a known American actress, singer, and comedian. Her role in The John Larroquette Show bagged her two Emmy and Golden Award nominations. When Liz attended the premiere of Gilmore Girls on November 18, 2016, everyone was surprised to see her new body. The actress is said to have started losing weight around 2010 after sharing in an interview changes in diet, exercise and work life balance.

The public was shocked when Liz underwent massive weight loss which was achieved, according to rumors, through gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is known to be very expensive and usually costs a lot of investment money. Although these are just rumors, the fact remains that Liz looks healthy and more confident with her new physique. In fact, Liz didn’t follow any special food plan. At the initial stage, she only ate nutritious meals and snacks instead of processed foods, candy and sugary drinks.


Ricki Lake debuted with a bang in Hairspray, a well-loved American classic. At that time, she already weighed over 300 pounds. This soon affected her career and confidence and drove her to change her lifestyle. Ricki’s eating disorders began in childhood. Born into a Jewish family in New York, she is the daughter of housewife Jill,and Barry lake, a pharmacist. She recalled that her weight began to “creep up” around the age of nine, and she became “bigger and bigger and bigger” as a teenager.

After taking out cash loans for a program called Atkins diet, she soon went to work and lost over 100 pounds. The sudden change in lifestyle made her vulnerable to weight fluctuations, causing her to gain and lose weight erratically. Nowadays, Ricki Lake sticks to a regular workout habit and a healthy diet. Although it takes commitment and determination to lose weight and stay in shape, Lake herself is an example of the seemingly impossible.


Perez Hilton has a love-hate relationship with all things Hollywood. Unfortunately, his criticisms came back around and haunted him when he shocked the public with his weight gain. Hate comments soon flooded Perez and kicked him into high gear to shake off his pounds.He’s a Hollywood icon, endless gossip and a respectable personality.

But what many don’t know is that Perez Hilton, who calls herself “Queen of all Media,” has been working hard for the past three years trying to get rid of her chubby image. Hilton, who has just lost weight, is single and ready to socialize with others. Hilton is disclosing all his weight loss secrets to everyone.He lost the pounds claiming that it was all due to strict diet and exercise. The public believed it to some degree but there are still rumors about liposuction being the main cause of his weight loss.


Jonah hill is an American actor, producer, writer and comedian. Jonah may be famous for his contacts with comedians Seth Rogen, Michael Cera and James Franco. Jonah Hill shocked the industry with his weight loss. His determination and desire to lose the weight he’s had over the years drove him to apply for payday loans. This is to fund his supposed surgery, a $23,000 gastric sleeve surgery. However, he backed out and decided to go for an extreme workout and lifestyle plan.

Though difficult, his nutritionist and his team kept him on track. This turned out to be a good investment, with him bagging more roles and being an inspiration to many. Hill’s Superbad character Seth is not a jogger, but in real life, the actor says running is a great way for him to exercise easily. He told Kidd kraddick that he “started physically running instead of emotionally running.” He also told the radio show that he started doing 10 push-ups a day and gradually reached 100 push-ups a day.


In every conversation about method actors, it’s impossible not to mention Matthew McConaughey. For years in the industry, the actor has been known as a fit, muscular male lead that attracts an audience like bees to honey. However, when he took on his role in Dallas Buyers Club, this image disappeared. He lost an incredible amount of weight, making him look like a man on the brink of bankruptcy and debt. However, this was just part of his dedication to the role. After filming, he went back to eating and exercising regularly.

Nutritionists often refer to fish as a kind of lean meat protein, which is very helpful for people who want to lose weight. Vegetables are a low calorie source of fiber and nutrients. The actor said he would have five ounces of fish for lunch and dinner, with a small amount of vegetables for each meal and egg whites for breakfast. His daily treat would be a small amount of tapioca pudding.


The Biggest Loser is notorious for being criticized by health experts as an unhealthy way of losing weight. Its contestants have been known to gain back the weight almost immediately due to the nature of their exercise. However, there are exceptions like Rachel Frederickson. She lost over 150 pounds during the show but after being criticized as looking “too unhealthy”, she gained back a healthy 20 pounds. She keeps to her healthy lifestyle with a fitness and diet plan.

Rachel eventually won the 15th season, but was criticized for being small and light after winning the match. Rachel admits that the comments about her extreme weight loss are hard to handle. After the match she wrote in an article in “Today” that she is now happy, healthy and in good shape: “I found strength in this fight,” she said. Rachel hasn’t released any information about her weight to the public recently, so her current health and fitness habits are unclear.


Snooki is as famous as her infamous reality TV show, Jersey Shore. She’s known to be confident in her body and was outspoken about it. However, after giving birth, she gained a massive amount of weight. She then made it a mission to shed these pounds. Snooki has a history of going under the knife, citing her body as her investment so her fans assumed that she will go through the same route.

However, in 2010, Snooki revealed that she was using the cookie weight loss diet plan developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal. The plan includes consuming 9 specialty cookies during the day, followed by a healthy dinner. According to data from the Cookie Diet website, the goal of this plan is to consume 500 calories of cookies and then 500 to 700 calories during the last meal. The total daily calorie intake is 1,000 to 1,200 calories.


Teresa Giudice is an American television personality and fitness competitor. She raised her credit score by starring in the hit reality television show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. After her father’s death, the cheating scandal with her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, and her one-year sentenced to jail, many expected Giudice to come out with extra pounds. However, even with her limited opportunities in jail, Giudice maintained her figure through yoga and her strict diet.

Judith spends 45 minutes a day using weight lifting to exercise different parts of the body. She uses a 30-pound pull-up machine to exercise her triceps. She also does something called rowing in the low position. She also often uses weight lifting to exercise her arms. Judith also exercises her legs by curving her seated legs. She uses a leg press to complete the exercise. She uses her legs to push a certain amount of weight back and forth to exercise her quadriceps and glutes maximus.


Sasha Pieterse was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She immigrated to the United States in 2000 with the parents of professional dancers. She has worked in modeling and advertising since the age of four. At the age of 6, she starred as Buffy in the “Family Events” television series with Tim Curry and Gary Cole. She is famous for Dancing with the Stars and Pretty Little Liars series. At the start of season 25 of Dancing with the Stars, she revealed that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Sasha Pieterse is part of the large percentage of women who suffer Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. One of its side effects is weight gain and irregular menstruation.However, the investment of her time and talent in Dancing with the Stars paid off and she lost up to 37 pounds. Dancing did not only give her a healthier body but also a healthier disposition and outlook in life.


Samuel Frederick Smith was born May 19, 1992. He is a British singer and songwriter. After breaking out in Disclosure’s groundbreaking single “Latch”, he rose to fame in October 2012, and the single reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart. Smith subsequently appeared in Naughty Boy’s “La La La”, which went number one in May 2013. With a voice like silk, Sam Smith was loved by the music industry from the get-go.

Although he weighed more than the average celebrity in Hollywood and in show business, it did not detract from his talent. However, it has always been Sam’s goal to lose weight. He made his investment when he got the help of a UK-based nutritional therapist, Amelia Freer, to help him achieve his goal. Under her guidance, Sam lost almost 50 pounds. He maintains his weight through exercise and healthy living.


Kelly Price was born in Queens, New York, and is an American R&B and Evangelical singer and songwriter. She has been singing in church since she was a child. Her first stage experience was with George Michael at Madison Square Garden in January 1992. In addition, she is also an actress, famous for “American Soul”, “Saints and Sinners” and the 59th Grammy Awards.

While Hollywood stars are never shy about how they achieved their ideal weight, citing vigorous fitness regimes and different fad diets, it’s a different case for Kelly Price. Price expressed her gratitude to God and her faith for her incredible weight loss. Many people found her story to be inspiring after she dropped from 300 pounds to 150. Apart from her faith, we’re sure that Price did the work with her investments in changing her eating habits and fitness routines.


Kirstie Alley is an American actress and comedian with a net worth of $40 million. Kirstie Alley’s weight loss journey hasn’t been easy. The now-69-year-old actress and mother of two has been consistently under the spotlight. The public has been with her through weight losses and gains throughout the years. However, when she finally decided to keep off the weight permanently, she also decided to share it with the public through the reality TV show, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life.

Through an organic diet, she lost 100 pounds and was able to maintain it since then. When she was young, Avery did not struggle with her weight because she revealed that she was thin for most of her life. It wasn’t until around 2004, when she saw some tabloid headlines discussing her figure that she noticed that she was getting fat. She revealed that the secret to her weight loss is to switch to organic fruits and vegetables and adopt a controlled diet.


Who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian? Kim Kardashian is a beautifully curvy Queen of Hearts, she certainly knows how to maintain a perfect figure. After losing 70 pounds according to the Atkins 40 plan, Kim now confidently boasted: “After baby body? I welcome that challenge. It is so crazy to see what your body can go through and what it is capable of.” The reality star is as well-known for her beautiful curves as she is for her high-profile family.

She started to gain weight after giving birth to two children with her husband, Kanye West. Following the Atkins diet, Kim stuck to a high-protein and low-carb diet plan. Soon enough, her investments paid off and she was back to her pre-baby weight in no time. Kim has done a huge job in losing weight, with or without medication. But one thing no one can deny-Kim Kardashian also got the support and encouragement of the best weight loss coach/nutritionist.


Ashley Fink was born on November 20, 1986 in Houston, Texas. She is an actor, producer and soundtrack. Ashley Fink’s role in Glee as Lauren Zizes saw her break (and perpetuate) stereotypes about her body size. She was a strong, no-nonsense character that was beloved by many. At that time, Fink’s weight rose to 300 pounds and this made her vulnerable to many diseases and disorders even at her young age.

But soon after, Fink lost weight to 250 pounds, eventually to 220 pounds. When asked about the secret of losing weight, Fink revealed that it was because of her hard work. It can be done in 12 hours a day! Fink also revealed that she was not on a diet at the time. Much like anyone taking advice from a financial adviser, Fink sought help from professionals and adopted a strict diet plan. Since then, she’s dropped off 80 pounds and is looking to enter more diverse roles.


The 52-year-old Céline Dion is best known for her incredible singing talent. But the superstar singer has seen topics about her appearance dominate more headlines in the past few years. This “The Because You Loved Me” hitmaker looked visibly slim after her husband René Angélil passed away in 2016. Celine Dion wants her fans to know that everything is fine with her, despite reports that she has lost too much weight.

The 52-year-old singer recently became the latest face of L’Oreal Paris. She admitted that she had lost a few pounds, but she added that she was healthy. The star also stated that she has been dancing and training Munoz with her stylist and close friend Pepe. As for the criticism of her slim figure, Celine added: “If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture. If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”


Delta Burke is most known for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the show, Designing Women. Compared to her high-maintenance ex-beauty queen character, Burke is now living a much quieter life. Just a few years after she left this popular sitcom, Delta Burke discovered that everything she had built collapsed around her. After leaving the limelight, the actress gained weight and was unfortunately diagnosed with Type II diabetes. However, she bounced back with the help of her support system. She turned to exercise and proper diet to manage the disease and is now an advocate of education for managing diabetes.

In order to overcome obesity, Delta tried different dietary habits and was good at exercise, but nothing was particularly effective. She still has difficulty losing weight. When she changed her mind, the turning point finally came. She started a strict diet plan and tested her blood sugar more frequently. Delta decided to take Byetta, a diabetes drug that can help lower blood sugar after meals. These pills can help Delta suppress appetite and monitor diet.


Mama June or June Edith Shannon of the infamous Toddlers & Tiaras show has amazed viewers of her dramatic weight loss journey. At her heaviest, she weighed 460 pounds. Her personal trainer, who helped her lose 100 pounds, also said she could face health problems unless she lost weight. However, in 2016, after being advised by her doctors about the repercussions and possible diseases attached to her weight, Mama June decided to make investments in her health. Celebrity coach Natasha Fett helped Mama June in shape in 2017.

She said she believes the star has even gained 45 pounds. She swiped her credit cards for gastric sleeve surgery. The surgery reduced the size of her stomach by 75%. After recovering, she coupled it with exercise and a proper diet. She dropped from 460 pounds to 137 pounds. In October last year, she and her boyfriend Geno Doak were arrested. June and Geno’s lawyers presented a plea of innocence on their behalf, but if found guilty, they will face up to one year in prison.


The famous host and producer of America’s Next Top Model, and a supermodel herself, Tyra Banks has always championed for body positivity. Unlike most of her contemporaries during her early days as a model, Banks grew more curvaceous as time went by. However, with the support of her mom, Banks created her own niche and eventually, her own empire built on body positivity.

However, it wasn’t a walk in the park. When Banks gained weight, many people criticized her.Banks admitted that she did feel a little frustrated when she put puts “on the jeans that used to fit a year ago and don’t fit now and give me the muffin top.”Therefore, with the help of a nutritionist, she shed off 30 pounds and won many new investments. She continues to bless us with her own brand of fierceness and power.


Known for her role as D.J. Tanner in the show, Full House, Candace Cameron Bure has enjoyed a successful career both as an actress and producer. As a mom of three, Cameron surprisingly remains to be in great shape after shedding off pounds from her largest weight gain years ago. She understood earlier that her youth is merely a loan and she needs to make investments on herself to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

She keeps to her ideal weight by exercising regularly and actually enjoying it. She prefers to mix up all kinds of workouts – from hiking to cardio, to using her Kira Stokes app – anything to keep her moving. Obviously, Candace takes her health seriously and does well in getting enough vegetables, lots of healthy carbohydrates and heart healthy fat. Although we hope that intermittent fasting can improve her lifestyle, not everyone can.


Another amazing comedian, Amy Schumer has made her name in the industry with her works in movies like I Feel Pretty and Snatched, and stand-up shows like Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff. Amy Schumer stays true. Since giving birth to her son Jean in May this year, the comedian and actress have been sharing the latest situation of her life as a new mother, including photos of herself wearing hospital underwear and another scar from a caesarean section. She’s always been an advocate of self-love and body positivity.

She showed this by being candid about the pounds she kept after giving birth to her children – and people loved her for it. But when the role of the movie, Trainwreck, came, Schumer decided to shed some weight. It was challenging for her but like a customer guided by a season financial advisor, Schumer was guided by season fitness coaches. She became a regular guest at the gym and started showing results. The results are evident in her figure in the said movie.


Gaining weight after childbearing and childbirth is a normal, natural occurrence. However, being under the spotlight as one of America’s most beautiful singers has its disadvantages – Jessica Simpson knows this better than anyone. After gaining 240 pounds after giving birth to her child, Simpson was subjected to criticisms and jibes about her weight. However, when asked about how she lost the pounds, she revealed that she never worked with scales.Simpson also focused on eating three healthy, protein-rich foods and two snacks a day, such as almonds.

She eats several cheat meals in a week so that she does not feel deprived of her favorite food. Instead, she worked with her trainer Harley Pasternak who served much like a seasoned financial advisor to the singer, only instead of monetary investments, they were working with her personal health. Simpson credits her weight loss to healthy habits like walking, sticking to a regular sleeping schedule, and exercising.


Dr. Dre is more than the name attached to the famous headphones everyone was dying for in the 2000s. He is an incredible producer and rapper that made contributions to the industry throughout his whole career. He was the first hip-hop musician to make mainstream accept gangster music through his album “The Chronic”. According to estimates by “Forbes”, his net worth is about 740 million US dollars.

However, he had a wakeup call when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at only 31 years old. Before adjusting his insurance plans and calling his insurance company, Dr. Dre decided to take matters into his own hands. He shed off the weight he’s been carrying the majority of his career and got out of it 50 pounds lighter and with lower blood pressure. Through good habits and regular exercise, Dr. Dre continues to producing and creating masterpieces in his career.


Glee star Amber Riley is every bit as much of a superstar as her character in the show, Mercedes Jones. She started singing at an early age and though she didn’t get lucky with American Idol, she auditioned for “American Idol: The Search For A Superstar” in the show’s second season, when she was only 17, and was turned down by the producer. However, she landed the Glee role and was launched into a household name.

In Glee, her character was bullied for her weight and this is true for her real life as well. She was advised to lose weight for her health and was offered different procedures to achieve it. However, it looked like Riley preferred not to land into bankruptcy because of high medical fees. She opted for the all-natural route of proper diet and exercise.


Missy Elliott is a legend in the music industry with her hits, Work It and Get Ur Freak On. She has inspired generations of female rappers to follow in her footsteps. Her work and her unabashed confidence in her body pushed boundaries. What you may not know is that she began her career as the lead singer of Sista, which pinned her only hit, “Brand Nu” (1994). The group was founded by DeVante DeGrate, then-mentor of R&B group Jodeci. The group broke up soon after.

However, in 2008, she was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, a disease that affects the thyroid and results in dizzy spells, mood swings, and lumps in her throat. To manage the disease, she relied on proper diet and exercise. Recently, she dropped off a dramatic amount of pounds by cutting soda and bread off her diet. Coming out better and healthier like someone who made great investments, she’s looking the best she’s ever looked.


Britney Spears is the first solo artist to have an album and a No.1 single on the Billboard charts at the same time with a debut, and the first woman to have four albums straight to # 1 on the US charts. Britney Spears is no stranger to transformations. She’s been under the spotlight since her youth and the public has seen her through her ups and downs, both in her professional and personal life, even to the brink of bankruptcy.

Needless to say, the public also saw her through her weight gain that was caused by emotional disturbance and depression. However, fortunately, she pulled herself out of it and opted to start a workout routine without filing for a personal loan. Her career has been an upward curve since then. She’s released several singles and successful albums and continues to be known and admired singer and performer to this day.


John Bradley is a known actor for Game of Throne. It was through his college website that he got his first major television role in the epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones”, although he has since moved closer to home to appear in ” Shameless “. He is also an accomplished drummer and has experience in standing comedy. Unfortunately, after his frequent breaks from the Hollywood scene, he gained a surprising amount of weight.

Gaining an unhealthy amount of weight is one of the things that insurance companies look out for from an applicant. Tired of all those critics, John Bradley opted for a lifestyle change. It’s not confirmed whether he signed up for a celebrity trainer or if he went under the knife, but one thing’s for sure, he looks healthier and healthier each day!


Chrissy Metz was on her last cents before she landed the titular role of Kate Pearson on NBC’s hit series, This is Us. From the brink of bankruptcy, she’s now a SAG awardee and Golden Globe nominee. Chrissy Metz was born in Florida, USA on September 29, 1980, and her name was Christine Michelle Metz. What you may not know is that her ex-husband is Martin Eaden.

Metz has once talked about how her real-life connections with food addiction have been weaved into the show’s storyline and how it educates the audience about being a plus-sized woman in society. Since her contract for the show This Is Us requires her to lose weight to match the weight-loss journey of her character Kate Pearson, Metz is now looking slimmer and has lost over 100 pounds.


Susan Boyle rose to fame with her rendition of the heartbreaking musical song, I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. As her debut album, “I Dreamed a Dream” sold 700,000 copies in the first week. After her performance in Britain’s Got Talent, the Scottish singer went on to release an album and perform for the Queen of England. With all her royalties, she’s far off from bankruptcy if she continues to handle her finances wisely.

Susan Boyle struggled with her weight since childhood. In fact, she was regularly bullied for her overweight and appearance. However, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2012 that she decided to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Boyle cut her sugar intake and took regular walks of two miles per day. Now in her 50s, she’s lost 50 pounds and is now looking healthier and livelier than before.


Born August 28, 2005 in McIntyre, Georgia, United States as Alana Frances Thompson, Honey Boo Boo is an actress, known for Mama June: From Not to Hot, The Screen Junkies Show, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Along with her mother, Honey Boo Boo, surprised the world with her own weight loss journey. She started her path to stardom at a young age, causing many to be both entertained and concerned by and for her childhood.

These concerns also included her weight in their hit television show. However, it looks like Mama June’s change of lifestyle also carried over to her daughter. As a financial advisor, Mama June helped her daughter to change her eating habits by feeding her less fried food and cutting back her intake of sugar. Since then, Alana or Honey Boo Boo has already lost five pounds.


Gabourey Sidibe is one of 10 African-American actresses nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress. Although she was selected for acting at school since she was a child, Sidibe had no interest in acting. She witnessed her mother’s financial situation and hoped that education and office work would give her a sense of security. However, she did not attend the class and was eventually named Claire “Precious” Jones. Despite the harsh theme, Precious has become a vital success and an inspiration to many people.

She was on the roll until she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Gabourey was open about her weight loss by undergoing bariatric surgery. To combat this, she swiped her credit cards and underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery. After the successful surgery, she lost 240 pounds and is now looking healthier than ever. As she claims, she did not lose weight for her appearance but for her health.


In the music industry, there’s only one Kelly Clarkson. After winning American Idol in 2002, Kelly’s been a household name in every American home. She landed countless recording projects, appearances and even launched her first album. This definitely raised her credit score and allowed her to pay off loans. But, she gained weight due to personal issues. She didn’t let this deter her and found herself a coach and several physical assistance programs to help her become healthier and continue doing what she loves.

Kelly may lose 37 pounds after changing her eating habits, but the singer said losing weight was not the reason for her lifestyle change – in fact, it was just a “side effect” of her efforts to deal with another health problem. She thinks: if you measure your life according to what others think, you will always be in a state of panic and try to please everyone else. People should only focus on their own life, health and happiness, and no matter what you are, you should be satisfied with it.


This sister duo is part of the new wave of stars, having gained their fame from a famous cyber brawl. At that time, they were just 20 year-olds and vulnerable to societal pressures on their body image. This, unfortunately, drove the sister to cut a few pounds and become even slimmer than they already were. This affected their career with many people criticizing them for supposedly promoting eating disorders. Their credit score plummeted with their fame but luckily, the two successfully rebuilt their career through hard work and dedication.

In terms of diet, they follow a vegan diet, which helps them maintain a significantly slim figure, leading people to worry about being too thin. They have always insisted that their vegetarian diet does make them strong. They also make sure they eat lots of high-quality fatty foods, such as olive oil, avocados, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds. In addition, they consume a lot of healthy carbohydrates.


Kathleen Turner is an American actress and director. She received a degree in drama from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and participated in several stage performances. Kathleen Turner is a veteran in the industry with a career spanning over three decades in the entertainment industry. She gained weight which led her to be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She gave up her brilliant film career and was told by a doctor that she might never walk. She then changed her habits and made an investment of her time in following a strict diet plan and workout routine.

On diet, she said: “I have to avoid grains and eat a lot of protein. I can eat corn, but I don’t eat wheat or rye because they irritate inflammation, and I don’t eat dairy products because they also irritate inflammation. I cook with turmeric and onion because they are naturally anti-inflammatory. Fortunately, I love onions. If you are under pressure, it is easy to break out, so I have to be careful. ” This self-discipline reaped the results and brought her back to a healthier weight and stronger self-confidence.


Like Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Alaina found her entry to fame through American Idol. She auditioned for “American Idol” in 2011 and quickly became a favorite. She went all the way to the finale of reality TV series, and finally won the runner up. With successful albums and awards under her belt, Lauren enjoyed her place in the spotlight. She toured “American Idols LIVE” and released her first album, “Wildflower”. It ranked fifth on the Billboard charts and produced the successful single “Georgia Peaches”.

She’s of average built and was always conscious of her physique. Her investment shows in her confidence and how she dropped 25 pounds during her stint in Dancing with the Stars. Alaina is no stranger to a healthy and active lifestyle, because the singer works out with her coach six days a week. Practice boxing; she says she adheres to a strict low carbohydrate diet, rich in protein and vegetables.


When James signed up for the movie “here comes the boom,” he weighed 290 pounds, the highest in history. But Kevin James is known for his care-not attitude about the comments on his body image. However, change came in the form of his role in the movie, Here Comes the Boom. His role required him to embrace a strict protein-rich diet and an intense, high-intensity exercise regimen.Kevin James has a strictly controlled diet plan to achieve his weight loss goals, including all the vegetables he might get into his body.

James has been preparing for up to 14 months, exercising three times a day to keep the program in shape. Indeed, in the end, his perseverance paid off with the success of the film. The investment paid off, however, following that analogy, James suffered a bankruptcy when he failed to maintain his new weight. Not long after, he gained back the pounds he lost.


Ask any Alice in Wonderland, and Harry Potter fan who Timothy Spall is and you’ll be in for a treat about his talent and craft. Due to his then constant projects and exposure to the public eye, many didn’t expect his weight gain. When he attended the Venice Film Festival, many people almost didn’t recognize the actor. In 1996, he was also diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, which almost killed him. But even so, it doesn’t make him more aware of his health.

It was not until 2014 that he began to prepare for his role Sky chiller The Enfield Haunting, and Spall decided to lose weight. He keeps his new shape by reducing sugar and alcohol, and seems to get rid of the ubiquitous curse of weight loss. His face is not suddenly destroyed with age, but becomes smooth and delicate. However, with the determination of a man looking to rise out of bankruptcy, Spall made true to his promise to change his lifestyle. Soon enough, he was back looking healthier than ever.


The controversial show, Sister Wives, is where we first saw Janelle Brown and her significant weight gain. After receiving comments and criticism against her body, she moved her investment to see nutritionists and fitness coaches to guide her. She lost weight in these episodes because of her new healthy lifestyle. For years, Janelle has been trying to stick to this new way of life. She was honest about the journey with her fans. Janelle doesn’t rely on a fast-food diet or surgery.

She has been trying to lose weight and keep fit. She recorded her whole experience through her blog and inspired many others to do the same. This leads her to a healthier lifestyle and a better career path, after she published her book, Watch Me Disappear. She’s now a New York Times bestselling author, with her finances guided by her financial advisor. Thus, avoiding the fate of bankruptcy that many famous writers in the past suffered.


Theresa Caputo took sometime before she finally decided to swipe her credit card and avail herself of a personal trainer to address her weight and health. With the help of a guide, proper nutrition, and exercise, she successfully shed off the weight and got out stronger. Theresa is in better shape than ever, and she attributes weight loss to radical lifestyle changes – including regular gym visits and healthier eating habits.

Theresa revealed that her combination of weight lifting and aerobic exercise at the gym has now become part of her daily work – she even hopes it’s my “me” time, she said. In addition to exercise, Theresa cleaned up her diet. Theresa explains the difference between her “fantasy” meal and her choice of healthy meals – for example, a protein bar or protein shake instead of a functional toast, and a kale and quinoa salad. Her weight loss inspires many people and continues to do so until this day.


Miranda Lambert is the voice of country music. She made her mark through her hit song, Kerosene and Over You. She discovered her passion for country music through her parents after they brought her to a Garth Brooks concert as a child. This spark of passion continued on through her adulthood. Eventually, she released a self-titled independent album in 2001 and signed on a major label in 2005. Her successful career evidently kept her out of bankruptcy. However, her personal life suffered after her divorce with Blake Shelton.

Her weight gain followed but she made her investment in hiring a personal trainer early on. Many celebrities attribute their weight loss to specific eating or exercise habits, but Miranda admits she’s a little bit ubiquitous. And, for her, that’s what works. “There’s no rhyme or reason for my fitness plan or diet.” She explained. With dedication and guidance, Lambert successfully shed off 25 pounds and achieved her weight goal.


Jennifer Ellison entered the spotlight at a young age. She was a model and an actress for the television show, 1998 as Emily O’Leary. Her slim figure caught the attention of the public and soon, she has posed for magazines such as FHM and Maxim. Her weight gain came after the birth of her first child. Although she could try online classes and fitness apps to reduce her weight, she decided to sign up for the Cambridge Diet program.

Her personal trainer, Tony swift, revealed how Jennifer made her body amazing. The key to her weight loss is a strict exercise program and a clean diet. Tony explained the star has cut out fatty foods, carbohydrates ad sugar along with all alcohol too. The investment of her time, effort, and discipline paid off and she dropped from size 18 to size 10 in three months.


Anthony Anderson is known for his role as the patriarch in the show, Black-ish. Before that, however, he was known as a man who enjoyed his meals. This changed when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Finally deciding that it will be dangerous if he keeps to his then-current lifestyle, he started to put his investment in his health and started to lead a healthier lifestyle, to the point of going almost vegan.

Anderson thought he could control the disease at first, but he didn’t get better until he began to take him seriously. He began to exercise more and clean up his diet. He didn’t drink for a while. These days, he insists on a PES diet, with fish as his main diet and vegetables as his top priority. He has lost nearly 50 pounds since he was diagnosed.


Much like finishing a finance degree, adhering to a strict diet and exercise routine is no walk in the park. For many, this method does not work for them probably due to lack of time or the sheer difficulty of it, but there are other options. Slim body is everyone’s dream, now, it has become a necessity, especially for celebrities. They have always been in the center of attention, their body, style, image changes immediately attracted the attention of the society.

It’s not just about women, it’s about men. Case in point, Academy-Award winning filmmaker and best-selling author, Michael Moore. With his outstanding credit report, Moore easily opted for new weight control methods. He checked in to the Pritikin Longevity Center Spa in 2010, costing him $4,200 for a week’s stay. This large investment paid off and Moore went home with evident results, causing many other celebrities to follow suit.


Barkley first made a name for himself at the Alabama state high school basketball tournament. Although he never looked like a natural athlete, the forward impressed Auburn’s coaching staff and earned an athletic; scholarship; Sir Charles quickly became a force in the paint and, as a junior, helped the Tigers reach the NCAA Tournament for the first time in program history.

Being a known former American basketball player, people were surprised when Charles Barkley of the Inside the NBA gained a significant amount of weight. As an athlete, he was expected to be fit and healthy. However, it seemed that his weight gain was a result of bad habits of missing training and warm-up sessions. Tired of the comments, he went back into the game and made his investment in proper nutrition, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle.


The famous one half of the Marshall and Lily couple in How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel is a strong advocate of body positivity, not minding the critics and comments about his body. However, after seeing a photo taken of him by his assistant, Segel realized that body positivity doesn’t only mean loving your body – but also taking care of it. So, how did Segel get his rocking new body? He signed up for a weight-loss program.

“They sent a coach to train,” said Seger, who works out twice a day. Besides exercise, diet is also a key issue. The coach will monitor what Segel eats all day. Segel achieved his weight goal with proper diet and exercise. Some people count calories when they want to lose weight. Others tend to go on a diet or start going to the gym. But for Jason Segel, who recently lost 30 pounds, that’s the secret of success.


Sherri Shepherd is another proud advocate of body positivity. Shepherd is open to her past weight struggles. In the early days of her acting career, she had to overcome the criticism that she couldn’t be a heroine because of her weight. She thought nothing about her weight until she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Her mother died from the disease and Shepherd knew then that she’d have to make some changes.

Instead of affecting her credit score by availing expensive fitness programs, she opted to go natural with the ketogenic diet. Shepherd said she has been following a ketogenic diet, which includes eating high-fat foods while eliminating most carbohydrates. It’s a popular way of eating – Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker have tried it – and Shepherd says it has helped her develop a new healthy lifestyle. With this diet, she successfully lost 40 pounds following the no-sugar diet.


Pauline Quirke is an actress best known for her roles in the Birds of a Feather, and The Sculptress, where she was nominated in the British Academy of Film and Theater Arts. As an astounding actress, she also does her best to keep herself in good shape. After her weight gain, she made a great effort to get back on track with the help of her co-star, Linda Robson.

Quirke has struggled with her fluctuating weight for years, but in 2011 she hit her heaviest – which she compared akin to a sumo wrestler’s weight – and decided to make a change. Her investment went to following the “Lighter Life” diet that spanned over a year. She lost over 2 stones due to the program. However, because of the severity of the diet, the pounds started to creep back on quickly.


Many people know Kate Winslet from her iconic role as Rose in the equally iconic film, Titanic. Since then, she’s had a colorful and successful career both in television and film, from Shakespeare’s tragedy to modern mysticism to eroticism. When Kate Winslet was asked what she liked about the roles she played, the word “ballsy” must appear at least once. This British actress prefers to play a devilish girl than a simple beautiful girl.

Similarly, her family life also saw success and love with several children with her current partner and businessman, Edward Abel Smith. After giving birth to her third son, Winslet got back into shape quickly and she credits it to nursing her new child aside from exercise and a good diet. Nowadays, she continues to excel in show business and has extended her career to doing voice-overs for films.


What you may not know is that Jimmy Kimmel once broke the Guinness world flight distance record for hosting two shows respectively in New York and California in turn in five days. There is no doubt that he is one of the busiest people in this industry. However, this late-night host is also a gourmet. Nobody needs a degree to understand the importance of health, though, one might feel like they need one to understand what exactly intermittent fasting is.

When Jimmy Kimmel decided to lose weight, he went down a different route compared to the others on our list. Instead of focusing on exercise, he shifted his focus to nutrition and meal plans. He lost over 25 pounds through intermittent fasting and opting for protein shakes and small dinners over regular three times a day meals. He’s been abiding the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan for years now. Although this paid off, it’s not advisable for people to try it without supervision and professional advice.


Jojo, or Joanna Noëlle Levesque, began her musical career in Foxborough, Massachusetts at the tender age of nine. She was first scouted by record producer, Vincent Herbert, on the show, America’s Most Talented Kids. Not long after, she signed with them and she released her first studio album. At age 13, she’s got a number one song, Leave (Get Out), and had an entire tour as the opening act for Usher.

While her credit score rose at such a young age, there were difficulties with her label, including an issue where they forced her to lose weight. After going under the radar for years, she revealed that her then-company, Blackground Records, forced her to inject herself something that would not make her feel hungry. Thus, causing her to need just 500 calories a day. This investment may have paid off but at a cost. Luckily, Jojo won the lawsuit and is now back producing and distributing her beautiful music.


As we know, the singer Meghan Trainor is no stranger to harsh words, criticisms, and bullying from people because of her size. It was so bad that she revealed that it almost completely put her off from becoming a singer. It made her insecure to the point that she hated herself growing up. Thank goodness she powered through it and ended up realizing her dream as becoming a pop star.

As a matter of fact, her song, All About That Bass, became an anthem for thicker girls and boys all over the world. She began losing weight as an investment to her future with the help of her fiancé. Together, they came up with a diet and exercise plan that worked for her. She’s still a staunch advocate of body positivity and continues to release positive songs with different artist collaborations nowadays.


The Queen herself! Queen Latifah, or Dana Elaine Owens, is an American rapper, singer, and actress born in New Jersey. She sealed her legacy as the Queen of Jazz Rap after the consequent releases and successes of her albums, including All Hail the Queen and Nature of a Sista to name a few. She was inducted in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006 and was the first hip-hop artist to do so. Following this, she was inducted in the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2011.

Queen Latifah’s weight loss journey began with her collaboration with celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. Jenkin encouraged her to do yoga and maintain a diet of vegetables, fruits, and eggs. Coupled with kickboxing and yoga, she achieved a ten percent decrease in her body weight. Her approach is similar to learning where to put one’s investment money. It was approached with accurate information and a helpful guide.


Tired of being labeled as the “fat funny man” of Hollywood, John Goodman embarked on his personal weight loss journey with vigor and determination. The 10 Cloverfield Lane star lost over 100 pounds through a program of exercise and food journaling. He opened up about his difficulties with his weight, citing his fear of not being good enough and using food or alcohol to fill the void inside him.

When asked how he lost weight, Goodman credits it to portion control of food and his personal trainer and friend, Mackie Shilstone. Shilstone acted like a financial advisor by taking Goodman to a cemetery and asking him to dig a shallow grave. He then asked the actor to put his foot in the shallow grave – and that was the wakeup call the actor needed. Since then, Goodman has been consistent with his weight and habits.


Zack Galifianakis, the Best Comedic Performance winner, had everything to laugh about with his career skyrocketing in 2010. With his hit movies like The Hangover and Due Date, Galifianakis has gone far from being that Saturday Night Live writer who only lasted for two weeks. He had the “funny fat guy” role down to pat until he decided to shed off the weight.

Like electricity, Zack Galifianakis stunned the public when he appeared at the Emmys red carpet with the slim and dashing look. Galifianakis credits his weight loss to his decision to cut off drinking. What you may not know is that before he decided to invest more in his body, he had a habit of drinking vodka while eating. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of this version of Zack Galifianakis in the future.


You can’t talk about American hip-hop and rap without mentioning 50 Cent. Curtis James Jackson III (also known as 50 Cent) is not only a rapper, producer, and actor, but also a smart investor to many people. Part of his investments went to Vitamin Water, which landed him with a higher credit score when the brand was bought by The Coca-Cola Co. He allegedly earned $100 million from the partnership. But 50 Cent’s investments did not stop there.

what you may not know is that he ended up losing more weight than anticipated instead of following the plan. This proved to be a better decision as he fitted his role better for the movie, Things Fall Apart. After filming, he went back to his normal weight and continues to maintain it up until today.


David Barner has always been a food lover since he was a child. As we know while it’s not wrong to love food and enjoy it, there are always limits to how much and how far it should be taken taking health into consideration. Unfortunately for Barner, his culinary investments included eating a wide range of unhealthy food – greasy, deep-fried, sugar-laden, you name it.

David Barner has always been a food lover since he was a child. As we know while it’s not wrong to love food and enjoy it, there are always limits to how much and how far it should be taken taking health into consideration. Unfortunately for Barner, his culinary investments included eating a wide range of unhealthy food – greasy, deep-fried, sugar-laden, you name it.


Funny girl Aiden Bryant has always been vocal about the difficulty and stereotypes that Hollywood holds against women of bigger frames. She’s talked about being offered roles that were “rom-com-y” where she would ask to play a goofy girl who gives great massages on guys’ private parts. As the star of Shrill, this line of questioning continued on from the press. Her weight never really bothered Bryant until doctors informed her of the potential health risks her weight poses.

Bryant quickly swiped her credit cards and enrolled in a weight loss program that was focused on both moderating food intake and exercise. With dedication, a great support system, and a clear goal in mind, Bryant lost over 15 pounds. Her decision to make investments in herself is similar to how business-minded individuals invest for the long-term. We’re sure that Bryant will reap the rewards of her new lifestyle in the long run.


Joell Ortiz is the member of group Slaughterhouse and also a rapper known for his 2007 hit rap song, Brooklyn Bullshit, which sounds like an awful fun time. What you may not know is that he was once signed with famous rapper Dr. Dre’s entertainment record company Aftermath. By his own admission, at that time, he was living the rock star lifestyle, complete with the nightlife, cheeseburgers, and alcohol. It wasn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle.

Continuing down that road, he knows, will be similar to taking out a business loan that he can never repay. Following the deaths of DJ Screw and Big Pun, Ortiz decided that it’s high time to change his lifestyle for the better. Through proper diet and exercise, the rapper lost 50 pounds of weight. Following this lifestyle change, more opportunities came knocking on his door.


Born in 1948 in New York, Bruce Vilanch is an American comedy writer, songwriter, and actor best known for his work on the Hollywood Squares, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Comic Relief V and The 64th Annual Academy Awards, as a celebrity participant and writer. Throughout his long career, he’s remembered by the public for his weight, long blonde hair and thick glasses.

What you may not know is that Bruce Vilanch did try his best to lose some weight by swiping his credit card and joining the VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, however. He lost some weight but taking his age into consideration, he can only do so much intense dieting and exercise instead of strong exercise or weight-loss diet. While this may be so, he still keeps on swimming -literally- and following a low-carb diet to keep off extra pounds.


Best known for her roles as Rae Earl in the show “My Mad Fat Diary”, and as Miss Atlantis in the 2019 remake of “Dumbo”, Sharon Rooney is a well-loved and well-known Scottish actress, who dropped out of school in order to realize her dream as an actress at the age of 16. Taking the nature of her character in My Mad Fat Diary into consideration, many people were surprised when Rooney started to lose weight.

What you may not know is that while many people commended her for it, she assured people that it wasn’t a big deal to her in the first place. Although unconfirmed, Rooney may have signed up for online classes or weight-loss programs to shed off the weight. Whatever it might be, it definitely shows in her figure. Let’s wait and see.


Margo Martindale has been hailed as probably one of the best character actresses in the world. Her contributions to this industry spanned from playing roles like Mags Bennet in Justified (With which, she was considered one of those actresses who made television into art, said in the 2011 New York Times Magazine’s cover story), Claudia in The Americans, to herself in the animated series, BoJack Horseman.

What you may not know is that her determination followed her to her weight loss journey. After her nomination in the Emmy Awards, she surprised her fans with the news of her starting a strict diet. With consistency and hard work, the actress is now looking younger and healthier than ever. With her investments to herself, we can expect more amazing performances from the veteran actress. You might not notice that she looks like actor Ann Dowd, as a result, she is often mistaken for Ann Dowd in films by their fans.

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