90 Top Shocking Celebrity Transformations

Transformations are not unusual in show business. You could say that actors and actresses transform for every role that they take – especially method artists who go to the extreme to immerse themselves in their roles. However, these types of transformations are often aided only by diet, exercise, and make-up. They still look like themselves after the credits roll.

But that’s not always the case! Here’s a list of the topmost shocking celebrity transformations that will stun you!


English singer-songwriter and former member of the boy band, Take That, Robert Peter Williams achieved great commercial success beginning in 1997 when debuted as a solo performer. His songs, Angels, and No Regrets are crowd favorites not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world. With his great physique and talent, he attracted many fans. However, when he started gaining weight, the fans went too. To save his career and his health, Williams sought professional help, and with guidance, yoga, and a balanced diet, he was back in business in no time.

During one of Taylor Swift’s concerts, Williams appeared as a surprise guest performer. Together, they sang Williams’ hit single Angels, which was also one of Swift’s favorite songs. He wore a tight Taylor Swift t-shirt, jacket, and fitted jeans. As soon as Williams came out of the big stage, the fans went wild. This just showed that he never really lost his charms to the fans – most especially the ladies. He looked fit, young, and healthy, credits to his quick realization of a need to shift his lifestyle choice.