Life After Stardom: Are You Curious About These Celebrities’ Lives Without Spotlight?

The curtains may have closed and the spotlight may no longer be on them, but these celebrities are still living the best life even in retirement. Once having the busiest and most glamorous lives, these personalities are now comfortably settling into the quiet life of a retired celebrity. Some stars may not have the most picture-perfect life in retirement—as several deal with lengthy divorce proceedings or having to go through addiction or bankruptcy—but their ridiculously high net worth already has them set for life. Here are some celebrities who were living the Hollywood dream. Let’s find out more about their life and legacy.


Marsha Hunt is remarkable for her performance in the classic film, Born to the West. Her parents initially wanted her to obtain a college degree, however, Marsha Hunt became interested in theater when she was very young (3 years old), performing in schools and churches. She began modeling for the John Powers Agency and was later dubbed as one of the highest-earning models. She then pursued an acting career and made numerous films with Paramount Pictures.

Encouraged by people from all walks of life in New York, this hopeful young beauty moved to Hollywood in 1934. The studio quickly became interested in her and Paramount quickly signed her. Martha’s first film was the former “Virginia Judge” starring Robert Cummings and Johnny Downs. She showed the acuteness of the new face she was born with, then went straight to the second film, playing the main character in “Tender Julia” with Tom Brown.