Life After Stardom: Are You Curious About These Celebrities’ Lives Without Spotlight?

The curtains may have closed and the spotlight may no longer be on them, but these celebrities are still living the best life even in retirement. Once having the busiest and most glamorous lives, these personalities are now comfortably settling into the quiet life of a retired celebrity. Some stars may not have the most picture-perfect life in retirement—as several deal with lengthy divorce proceedings or having to go through addiction or bankruptcy—but their ridiculously high net worth already has them set for life. Here are some celebrities who were living the Hollywood dream. Let’s find out more about their life and legacy.


The TV series The Big Valley and The Six Million Dollar Man were starred by famous actor Lee Majors. Majors graduated with a degree in history and physical education and spent his college years as a football athlete. However, he suffered an injury and changed his path to acting. His first major role was as Heath Barkley in the hit 1960s western series, The Big Valley. He became highly acclaimed and was also hailed as the “blond Elvis Presley” because of the resemblance.

You may not know that he used to be a star athlete at Middlesbrough High School. The school named the football field Lee Majors Field and included him in the Sports Hall of Fame. He entered Indiana University with a football scholarship but was expelled for participating in a fraternity fight two years later. After transferring to Eastern Kentucky University, a game injury paralyzed his waist for two weeks. That’s why he was forced to leave his path of a great football career.