Take a Look at These Hollywood Stars


Tina Louise’s claim to fame was portraying the role of Ginger Grant in the hit sitcom, Gilligan’s Island. She began as a model and was hailed as the “World’s Most Beautiful Redhead” by the National Art Council and appeared in magazines, Modern Man and Playboy. Louise started her acting career in the mid-’50s and starred in films The Hangman, For Those Who Think Young, and Day of the Outlaw. As a singer, she released her record album, It’s Time for Tina, in the ’50s. The books Sunday: A Memoir and When I Grow Up are also credited to this author.

Although there may be just a few redhead legends in Hollywood, two great examples are Tina and America’s favorite redhead Lucille Ball. The two have managed to hold records and be big icons like no one else can. Although, Lucille was more on the artificial red while Tina’s was more natural. Tina invested her moments during the height of her career by giving it all that she can. This ginger, who also starred in The Stepford Wives, is one to remember.